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Friday, 23 November 2018

EFIWE NEWS: UIVC, Prof. Olayinka Unveils Queen Idia Sculpture And Other Projects

By: Awogun Aminat 
As part of the initiative to beautify Queen Idia Hall, the magnificent Queen Idia Sculpture(Festac 77 symbol and the sculpture of the royal Queen Idia) was unveiled earlier today 23rd November 2018, opposite the peace garden by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Ibadan, Prof. Abel Idowu Olayinka
The welcome address was delivered by the Hall Mistress, Prof. Ajibola Falaye, who appreciated and praised the school managament for finding Queen Idia hall worthy of these projects.
 While the Vice Chancellor commended the effort of the hall management, he stressed the fact that the hall management were able to make do with the little that was available and no profit was gained from the increment of the hostel fee. He challenged other halls to also emulate Queen Idia Hall. The Vice Chancellor was also impressed with other projects that were carried out such as the painting of the hall and the purchase of a new bus for the hall.
The Hall Warden mentioned that the project of the sculpture works was brought about by the students as part of their community project, and the students also raised some fund for purchasing the bus, while the Hall management added to the fund. 
The Queen Idia residents who observed from near were also commended for making the projects a success with the hall management.
In attendance were the Vice chancellor of the University of Ibadan and some other distinguished members of the university community;  the Hall Mistress, Prof. Ajibola Falaye, the Hall warden, Dr. Ruth Ochanya Adio Moses, the Students’ Staff Adviser, Dr Patricia Awa Taiwo and the Hall Chairperson, Miss Inioluwa Margaret Akinleye. Some of Assistant hall wardens,  the hall supervisors, the hall secretary, porters and other executive members of the hall were also present to witness the significant event.

It is noteworthy that this commissioning took place during the Idia hall Gradezza 2018 hall week. 

SOURCE: Queen Idia Hall Press

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