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Friday, 12 October 2018

EFIWE GISTS: Updates From The Quarter Final - Hall Category #JawWar2018 @jawwar_ui


The Quarter Final - Hall Category of Jaw War 2018 held on the 12th of October, 2018 at the auditorium of Faculty of Veterniary Medicine and was witnessed by thousands of Students from the University of Ibadan.

Meet the Judges;
• Miss Damilola Okoyomo
• Dr. Demola Lewis ( Chief Judge)
• Ojo Aderemi (Time keeper)

The first battle was between Ransome Kuti Hall and Alexander Brown Hall
Topic: Should Nigeria subscribe to an African single currency?

Punchlines; "...this means that our Ibo brothers can now enlarge their market: Take it beyond Aba to the shores of Addis Ababa" - Oyewunmi Caleb (Kuti Hall)

"My opponents have come with one-tenth of the story, so it is understandable if their argument is shallow"

"When we subscribe to Africa's single currency we subscribe to multiple problems"

"What the 70 year old see while sitting, my opponents can not see even while standing on this podium"

" my opponents mark unity now becomes a symbol of disunity"

"...whoever believes this is a victim of illision, delusion and hallucination, but hopefully, we have ransomed the Kutites" - Ojewale Ridwan (ABH)

" is evident that the opponents of this currency cannot see how it can help Nigeria out of the sea of marginalsation" - Okusanya Goodness (Kuti Hall)

[10/12, 18:25] ‪+234 810 248 3872‬: "... If the foundation is destroyed, what can the make up artist do?"

"Then african single currency will become a mumu button that will even bring Nigeria, the giant of Africa to her kneels"

"An African single currency can not buy my opponents a win" - Akinluyi Toluwalase (ABH)

 The second battle was between Lord Tedder Hall and Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall.

Topic: Anti-open grazing law: a viable solution to Farmers/herdsmen crisis in Nigeria?"

"Ranches are mere deceits brought by the government and publicized by my opponents" - Asudemade Habeebullah (Zik Hall)

"..or because the great Zik Hall is great in the culture of squatting, squatting should be legalised?."- Dikibo Apollos (Tedder Hall)

"...or because the great Zik Hall is great in the culture of squatting, squatting should be legalised?." - Dikibo Apollos (Tedder Hall)

The final Battle was between Sultan Bello Hall and Kenneth Mellanby Hall

 Topic: Priority of African governments: educational inclusion or technological expansion?"

 "Where technological advancement says 'beware', educational inclusion says 'be aware" - Olorunsaye Jesujuwonlo (Bello Hall)

"This is like saying educating all Bellites will curb stealing  in Bello Hall, when they could have installed CCTV cameras" - Adeyemo Victor (Mellanby Hall)

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Photo credit; @Unibadanoaps, Indy Press UI. 

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