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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

EFIWE GISTS: Results & Punchlines From Faculties Quarter Final #JawWar2018 @jawwar_ui

The Faculties Quarter Final of Jaw War 2018 held on the 10th of October 2018 at the auditorium of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and students of the University of Ibadan came out in masses to support their prestigious faculties.

The Speakers;

Faculty of Law
Nwarueze Elizabeth
Adesoko Adediran

Faculty of Education
Jumah Mujeeb
Ayeni Otito Jesu

Faculty of Basic Medical Science
Ariole Joseph
Eniade Jumoke

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Oladeji Deborah
Ajayi Daniel

Faculty of The Social Sciences
Osunsanmi Dorcas
Samuel Ore

Faculty of Technology
Osoko Emmanuel
Lawal Mubarak

Faculty of Arts
Adeyemo Mary
Sanyaola Oluwaseun

Faculty of Science
Abiodun Demola
Mbabe Esther

Below are some of the punchlines from Faculties Quarter Final

Man is ruling but extinction is looming - Elizabeth (LAW)

As man gives to earth,  so shall he get his earthly rewards. How natural is a natural disaster? - Elizabeth Nwarueze (LAW) 

Earth is dying, man is dying yet my opponents are denying - Elizabeth Nwarueze (LAW)

Just like a blunt pencil, my opponent point is pointless - Dorcas (Social Sciences)

This theoretical argument opposed by my opponents is as irrelevant as the article "THE" in The Social Sciences - Adesoko Adediran (LAW) 

The initial creation of these nuclear weapons have the tendency to extinguish the earth in line second. - Elizabeth Nwarueze (LAW) 

The fear of poverty is the beginning of pride. - Osoko (TECHNOLOGY) 

 The love of money (greed) and not the lack of it (poverty) is the root of all evil. Mbabe Esther (SCIENCE)

Even adaptability is an ability. The fear of examination is the beginning of mediocrity - Adeyemo Mary (ARTS) 

Theatre arts department does not only teach the art of theatre, but also your ability to act the art" - Adeyemo Mary (ARTS) 

"Are students supposed to be lecture note reporters or future life savers" - Ajayi Daniel (VET) 

"How do we consider an exam that do not consider our time state of mental health" - Ajayi Daniel (VET) 

 The fact that we have some beardless boys does not mean we do not have mature minds. - Jumah Mujeeb (EDUCATION)

Examinations award you a certificate of excellence and not a certificate of employability" - Adeyemo Mary (ARTS)

 "The knowledge we have from Yesterday is different from that of Today" - Oladeji Deborah 

 Battle: Student Unionism on Nigeria, retrogressive or progressive?

Faculty of Education
Faculty of Basic Medical Science

"Do not be surprised if my opponents say jaw war is a scam" - Sanwoolu Seun (ARTS)

"If my opponents find themselves in a mess,we wont care if they are from BMS before we help them out of their mess" - Mujeeb Jumah (EDUCATION) 

"No matter how useless a person is,he/she can still be used as a bad example" - Ariole Joseph (BMS)

"The Students' Union of before fight for collectivism but the student union of today fight for individualism" - Ariole Joseph (BMS)

"My Opponents,Just like spelling jaw war backwards in todays debate,your point cannot make sense" - Ariole Joseph (BMS)

Little wonder they suspend student Unions...
LASU suspended, OAU suspended, UNILAG suspended. Even our almighty UI Suspended
My Opponents, how progressive??? - Ariole Joseph (BMS)

"The Students' Union back then fight for collectivism but the student union today fight for individualism" - Ariole Joseph (BMS)

"Please ask my opponents,what is the essence of fighting to be right,instead of fighting for what is right" - Eniade Jumoke (EDUCATION) 

"Please remind my opponents that if Aluta Continua and Victoria is not Ascerta...that  is nothing but Retrogression" - Eniade Jumoke (Education)

"A country which has more human, but less humanity"

"Greed can make a man want but can never make him act"

"The fear of poverty is the beginning of crime"

"My opponents may claim that politicians, who are 0.1% steal billions, but for every politician, there are 1000 men stealing 1000 naira, so, the crime of a man is just a crime, but the crime of many men is high crime rate"

"If my opponents still claim its greed, let us pray that they never lack what they need" - Osoko Immanuel (Technology)

"Todays debate is an examination, and the fact my opponents showed up for today's debate shows the hypocrisy of their stands"

"Knowledge that cannot be produced spontaneously is as good as a currency that is not current."

"If you want something, you will make a way, if you don't, you make excuses. So if our opponents fail in this debate, they will say, Jaw War na scam."- Sanwolu Oluwaseun (Arts)

"The fact that we have some beardless men do not mean they don't have matured minds"
-Jummah Mujeeb (Education)

"No matter how useless a person is,he/she can still be used as a bad example"
Ariole Joseph(BMS)

Law - 76.38
The Social Sciences - 58.667

Technology - 70
Science - 68.33

Arts - 76.75
Veterinary Medicine - 50.16

Education -71.25
Basic Medical Sciences - 61.75

Credits; @UnibadanOAPs , IndyPress UI. 

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