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Wednesday, 26 September 2018

EFIWE GISTS: Punchlines & Full Updates From Day 1 Of #JawWar2018 @jawwar_ui

All roads led to Trenchard Hall, University of Ibadan as the 2018 Edition of Jaw War began in grand style.

The Judges for Day 1 of Jaw War 2018 were

• Dr Demola Lewis (Chief Judge)
• Dr Isaac Olufadewa
• Miss Francisca Maxwell
• Miss Victoria Okiyi ( Score Keeper)
• Ojo Aderemi (Time keeper)

• Victor Jonathan (VJ)
• Taiwo Olawehinmi (Teewoh fire)

The first Battle was between Alexander Brown Hall and Ransome Kuti Hall.

Topic : Immunity for political office holders in Nigeria: Justifiable or not?

Analogy: The speakers are separated from the members of the audience

It is hypocritical that my opponents enjoy this immunity think it is unjustifiable

 "Granting immunity is like using a armour tank to kill an ABH rat" - Adeniran Adesokan (Kuti Hall)

"The immunity clause might protect you from the people, but doesn't make you untouchable" - Titus Adeolu Adekunle (ABH)

 "The immunity is as inconsequential as the 'p' in psychology" - Okewole Oluwadamilola (Kuti Hall)

 The Second Battle was between Queen Elizabeth II Hall and Lord Tedder Hall
Topic: A better Solution to Nigeria’s electricity crisis: Renewable or non-renewable energy ?


 "The solution to Nigerian energy problem will take more than a black suit, a blue tie, a 5minutes speech and a non-renewable motive " - Adeyemo Mary (Queens Elizabeth II)

“It is safe to conclude that Nuclear energy is the  New Clear solution to our electricity problems“

"The only thing that needs to be renewed are the arguments of my opponent."  -Ayodele Habeeb (Tedder Hall)

The Third battle was between (BALUBA VS KATANGA)
Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall and The Great Independence Hall

Topic: Influx of immigrants to host nations: detrimental or beneficial ?


 "This is just like a Katangite who squats in Zik hall, but when JawWar comes, speaks for INDY Hall" - Asudemade Habeeb

"It is a universal law that too much of everything is bad. Even money, when too much, causes inflation." - Ogbonna Chidikerem, second speaker, Zik Hall, on the topic: Influx of immigrants to host nations: detrimental or beneficial

The Fourth battle was between Queen Idia and Sultan Bello Hall.

Topic: Should mineral resources be the property of land owners or the government

 "The only reason why I will forgive my opponent, is because like the government, they have been given the opportunity to win the JawWar not once, not twice, but three consecutive times without making a use of it.." -Anyanwu Ozioma

 "This is why Idiates, if you buy land in any part of the world, you are not to be given a certificate of ownership, but a certificate of occupancy - meaning the government are saying 'occupy till I come'.." - Osoko Emmanuel (Bello Hall)

The Final Battle for Day 1 was between  Kenneth Mellanby Hall and Obafemi Awolowo Hall

Topic: Should Religious Studies be taught in Nigerian Schools ?

Below is the First Round Results for Jaw War 2018.

Alexandra Brown Hall 61.8333% Vs Ransom Kuti Hall 71.16667%

Lord Tedder Hall 71.3333 vrs Queen Elizabeth II Hall 61.6667%

Nnamdi Azikwe Hall 62.75% Vs Great Independence Hall 57%

Queen Idia Hall 66.1667% Vs Sultan Bello Hall 74.3333%

Obafemi Awolowo 60.833% Hall Vs Kenneth Mellanby Hall 71

Punchline Credit: Indy Press, UI
Results Credit: Tedder Hall Press, UI
Photo Credit: @unibadan_oaps 

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