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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

EFIWE GISTS: Meet The UIte Who Got Featured On CNN & Made Osas Ajibade's Stunning Outfit For MET GALA 2018 | PHOTOS!

Former beauty queen and Nigerian actress, Osas Ajibade stepped out for the Met Gala themed Oceans 8 premiere two days ago looking glamorous in a stunning black low neckline gown paired on a huge peacock headgear to match her proud ensemble but do you know that the peakcock feather cape was made by a Graduate of the University of Ibadan? Meet Her!

Her name is Itunu Onoara Bamidele, a Theatre Arts graduate of the University of Ibadan and the CEO of Africcana, a fashion line making ground in the Fashion and Entertainment Industry.

In a quick chat with Itunu, She revealed how she was able to meet with Osas Ajibade and how they both created the magical work which was made within two days to Met GALA 2018.  Below;

"There's a word we call 'Borntailor'.  Fashion designing is more like heredity to me, it started from my mum to my sister and to me, fashion has always being my first class love. I'm Itunu Onoara Bamidele, a Theatre arts gradute of University of Ibadan. 

I met Osas at Fela and the Kalakuta queens rehearsal, She was playing Malaika and I was just sketching something nice to portray her role, she saw my sketch and fell in love with me immediately, I was even trying to give space to avoid embarrassment as celebrities hubby but OSAS IS A SPECIAL CELEBRITY. I wore a top one day (funny enough that's what I'm wearing right now) and she asked who made it?  Me I replied and she just jumped on me and ordered one immediately.

 I delivered to her and told her it's N3500 she screamed at me and said The money is too cheap for the good job, 'Itunu how are you ever going to make it in Lagos with your ridiculous price, this is not Ibadan oo, this is Lagos you better wake up ' she said.  

So she doubled the money for me and started ordering for more since then. Because of the nature of my job (I'm also my Boss' personal assistant, mua and dresser) I couldn't meet up with a lot of orders. She wore my design for Omotola[email protected] and people started calling and wanting to order but my office job is tasking since its an Entertainment industry.  

She told me about this one at Fela and the Kalakuta queens performance in Abuja two weeks ago and I was reluctant to do it because of my time. When we got back to Lagos my Sweet Boss Bolanle Austin Peters ask me to take a break and I used the break to sort out the order. The piece was actually made in two days day and night. 

About the wings, I know I can do anything called costume but I need help of a professional, I quickly called my senior colleague and bestie back in school (University Of Ibadan) Gideon Ajayi @visualeffectmultimedia1 to join me in achieving the task and He left everything he was doing and come straight to Lagos to help. It's more like a tip of an iceberg to Gideon because he's supernaturally talented (best set designers I've ever seen).  

When Osas saw it even when it's almost like she's not going to use the wings since we couldn't get some materials we needed from Island on Sunday, she said 'Itunu I know you, I know what you can do, perform your magic and meet me at Make up artiste studio. She left and we use the brain God has given us. That's my story oo and Baba God has crowned my effort. 

On her next plans, She said;

Hnmmm, I'm praying for God's directions. I really wish I could open my studio now and Start training people, I have dozens of people on my neck to train but like I said earlier God is my only help. 

So I'm going to wait on God for a helper together with what I've been able to save, I'll open my fashion house/school and start training people. That's all I want from God. 

For her great works, Itunu and her brand, Africcana got featured and recognised on Cable Network News (CNN) World website. See below;

Congratulations Itunu and wishing you more greatness and success in all your endeavors. You can follow Itunu on Instagram CLICK THIS LINK

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