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Friday, 4 May 2018

EFIWE NEWS: UI Admits 3,514 Students Out Of 26,769 As 2017/18 Matriculation Ceremony Holds Today | READ!

University Of Ibadan admits 3,514 Students out of 26,769 who applied for the Post UTME screening for the 2017/2018 Academic session.

This was made known by the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Idowu Olayinka while addressing the newly admitted students during the Matriculation ceremony held at the International Conference Centre, University of Ibadan on the 4th of May, 2018.

During his closing remarks, the Vice- Chancellor also advised the freshmen to put God first in everything and be diligent in all their dealings. Read below;



The Deputy Vice- Chancellor (Administration)

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research, Innovation and Strategic Partnerships)

The Registrar,

The University Librarian

Deans of Faculties, the Postgraduate School and of Students

Directors of Institutes and Centres

The Chairman, Senate Admissions Committee

All Deputy Registrars

The Admissions Officer (Undergraduate)

Distinguished members of the University Community

Distinguished Fresh Students

Ladies and Gentlemen


It is indeed another happy moment for me to welcome you all our fresh students to Nigeria’s Premier University, the University of Ibadan. I join all well-wishers to welcome you and to congratulate you on your success in gaining admission into one of the best universities in Africa. I have no doubt that you must have become the toast of all eyes in your neighbourhood having been offered admission to the Great U.I.

Some 41 years ago, I too was privileged to have been admitted into this highly rated University. I was exceedingly elated, greatly delighted and passionately prepared for the intellectual rigour that lay ahead as a student of Geology in the Faculty of Science of this University. And to the glory of God things have never remained the same for me. My parents taught me the virtues of hard work, honesty and diligence at a very early age and these have stood me in good stead. I believe your individual experiences must have even been more exciting than mine.

Admission Statistics

As I congratulate you I would wish to remind you that you have just attained an uncommon feat, having been admitted into this institution of global reckoning. You must count yourselves very lucky, in the sense that you are part of the select few to have scaled the fiercely competitive U.I. admission process.  I also congratulate your parents and guardians for your achievements thus far.

May I provide you with some relevant admission statistics here:

There were a total of fifty three thousand, five hundred and thirteen Unified Tertiary Matriculation –UTME- candidates (53,513) who made the University of Ibadan their first choice and who scored a minimum of 120 marks out of a maximum of 400 marks, during the 2017/2018 session admission exercise.

Going by our tradition, the first step was to screen out those candidates with less than 200 marks. From the Science-based disciplines, we had sixteen thousand, one hundred and twenty four (16,124) while the humanity-based disciplines had ten thousand, four hundred and forty five (10.445). The total number of candidates for the post-UTME screening was twenty six thousand, seven hundred and sixty nine (26, 769).

At the end of the successful POST-UTME screening exercise, five thousand, three hundred and ninety seven (5.397) candidates in the science-based disciplines obtained 50% and above while three thousand, eight hundred and seventy one (3.871) in the humanity-based disciplines obtained 50% and above.

The four candidates with the best grades in our post-UTME screening; were from Medicine and Law (with a joint score of 86%) and Technology and Medical Laboratory Science (with a joint score of 84%).

Our system of screening was rigorous and we are very proud of it because we firmly believe that if it is from Ibadan it must be of outstanding quality. Some of the candidates who were not satisfied with the scores they obtained at the POST-UTME Screening requested for a re-assessment. All the 26 candidates who paid the mandatory reassessment fees were reevaluated. It was observed that there was no deviation from the original grades returned by the system, thus proving our internal mechanism to be highly reliable.

The normal admission meetings at the Faculties were conducted before the strike action commencement of the three non-teaching staff unions in November 2017. Hence, all candidates on the first choice were recommended on merit. There was a change of operation in the 2017/2018 admissions; no university can admit a candidate . We can only propose to the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) after stating our criteria on the Central Admission Processing System (CAPS) of the JAMB, who will in turn contact candidates to accept or decline the offer. When candidates have accepted, they are then offered admission on the basis of our criteria.

As at the end of the 2017/2018 admission exercise, three thousand, five hundred and fourteen (3,514) UTME candidates were offered admission.

From the above, the success rate for admission here is only 6.6%. In other words, only one out of every 15 of our UTME candidates eventually secured admission. To that extent you are privileged. Your hard work has finally paid off.

On the other hand, there were two thousand, six hundred and fifty nine (2,659), direct entry applicants out of which four hundred and forty six (446) candidates were able to secure admission. This represents a success rate of 16.8%.

Those candidates who participated in the Post UTME but failed to secure admission were not recommended for admission for various reasons which include, poor performance at the Post UTME, wrong subject combination (at either UTME or SSCE/NECO) and the admission quota for each course of study based on our carrying capacity.  It is heartwarming and significant to note that all the candidates we recommended to JAMB were accepted for admission.

I am persuaded of the very high quality of our intakes, on account of the rigorous and transparent admission process. It is much easier for the camel to pass through the eye of the needle than for a UTME applicant to secure admission into this institution. We make bold to state here that our admission is easily the most competitive among all the universities in the Nigerian University System.

With these statistics, I guess by now you would have become conscious of how bright and lucky you must have been. In other words, to have been qualified for admission into this University, you must have been found academically sound indeed, because for all I know, there is no short cut to getting admitted into this University.

My dear new students, I have no doubt in my mind that you are aware of the numerous challenges that lie ahead of you. You can make it, and you will make it!

Before I conclude, I wish to urge you not to engage in any form of cooking in your rooms. The use of boiling ring, hot plate, gas cooker etc will not be tolerated in the halls. Anyone found flouting this rule will be queried and arraigned before the Student Disciplinary Committee (SDC). The University management has resuscitated the cafeteria system where you can get decent meals at affordable rates.

Let me also admonish you to always call at the Student Affairs Division when in distress or in need of any important information. In addition, endeavour to check the University Official Bulletin (online or offline) and be conversant with your handbook which should be your companion for important information always.

I implore you to register for your courses as soon as possible. Avail yourself a copy of the Students’ Information Handbook and be familiar with the regulations governing your conduct as a student. Try to register at the University Health Service immediately and do not take your health for granted. Try to sort out your accommodation as soon as possible. As new students, you are given preference in the allocation of bed spaces in the Halls.

This session is starting seven months behind schedule due to the cumulative effects of strikes by staff unions and student unrest over the past 11 years. We should join hands to ensure that this new session is not interrupted again. From the academic calendar, we are to conclude the session by February 2019!

This University has a proven track record of academic excellence, a trusted, and tested solid reputation for the quality of her graduates over the years.  You are earnestly advised to jealously guard and maintain the culture.  I also urge you to get involved in positive student activities that would enable the University to pass through you, so that at the end of your academic career you would have evolved into a rounded personality that is worthy in character and learning and with a better perception of life’s values. Please bear in mind that success in a race is not determined at the starting point but at the end, which will hopefully be in another three years (in case of Direct Entry Students) four, five or six years’ time depending on the courses of study for undergraduate programmes and two or four years for postgraduate programmes

At the end of this ceremony, you are expected to sign the Matriculation Register. I want to stress that signing of the register is the concluding stage of your registration as a bonafide student of this University. Thereafter, prospective admission seekers and their naturally eager parents and guardians should be on the look-out for the flag-off of the next admission of the 2018/2019 exercise.

Closing remarks

At the end of this ceremony, you are expected to sign the Matriculation Register. I want to stress that signing of the register is the concluding stage of your registration as a bonafide student of this University. Thereafter, prospective admission seekers and their naturally eager parents and guardians should be on the look-out for the flag-off of the next admission of the 2018/2019 exercise.

My prayer is that each and every one of you new students will successfully complete your degree programme and move on to greater things in life. My charge to you this morning is that you have to surpass the modest achievements of those of us who have had the privilege to pass through this university as students before you. You have to take your destiny in your hands.

I wish to conclude by asking you to put God first in everything you do and be diligent in all your dealings.

I heartily welcome you to this university and I wish you every success as you commence your academic career. Accept my best wishes and congratulations.

I thank you all for listening.

 Idowu Olayinka
Vice Chancellor
4 May 2018


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