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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

EFIWE NEWS: Updates From UI Stakeholders Meeting Held On April 10th | READ!

As part of its open-door policy and efforts to ensure peace on campus, Management of the University of Ibadan (UI) on Tuesday, 10 April, 2018 met major stakeholders, including parents, alumni, partners, friends, students as well as other interest groups with view to intimating them with developments in the institution.

  The meeting, under the Stakeholders Forum, took place at the Trenchard Hall under the Chairmanship of a one-time Vice Chancellor, Prof. Omoniyi Adewoye by 10 in the morning.

Here are updates from the Stakeholders  meeting.

We know all fingers are not equal.. Some students can't even pay the 14k accommodation fee. But we can't because of that we can't allow the whole system to collapse. - Prof. Olayinka.

The VC Reports on the State of the University
- Introduction
- Reason for the stakeholders meeting
- Benefits of university education
- Hostel accommodation
-Other academic and professional training charges 
- Taking care of indigent students
- Concluding Remarks 

Students usually starts problems when Ramadan is approaching because they don't want to do Ramadan on campus.
Same thing happened when they don't want to write exams. They will say, no ID cards, no exam.

This is not because of ID cards but lack of desire to write exam. - UI VC, Prof.Olayinka 

"Free education started from Ibadan"- UI VC

"The history of the University of Ibadan is, in a sense, inseparable from the history of Nigeria after the second world war" - Prof. Olayinka 

They screen foams in Idia hall because some people bring a foam that was passed to them by their great grandparents. - Prof. Olayinka. 

"..and they'll be abusing Olayinka,,my father is in heaven,why are you still abusing him??" - Prof. Olayinka 

On the accommodation
1970s - 2001 (N90.00)
2001 - 2005 (N3,500.00)
2005 - 2007 (N10,000)
2007 - 2017 (N14,000)

"Federal government calculation is to effect....Cost of training each Medical Student aside staff salaries is 1.5 million per year, Private Universities is 3 million. 

Mr Fashina Olusegun - "Parents are the most bastardized entities in the world". 
Every parent here knows that there is a need for increment. But let us do it in a way not to kill.

We cannot continue to produce garbage in garbage out - UI VC, Prof. Olayinka 

Does that means all the graduates you have been producing till last session are garbage? - Mr Fashina  

Can we have a situation whereby you and the DVc can resign and go back to class rooms as lectures to pass a message to the federal government on the ground of poor funding?

 It's because we can't afford private universities, that's why our children are here.
We are aware that minimum wage is 18k.
This meeting should have been called before arriving at the decisions taken.

Halls are in deplorable conditions with the complaint of bed bugs which need urgent attention however, all these things need gradual increment considering the condition of the parents. not fair on the part of the parents. The decision taken should be reversed and another meeting called to decide how much we are going to pay. It's the parents that will suffer this thing.

I want somebody to second the motion that the decision be reversed. - A Parent. 

N14,000 for a bed space not for a room - Student tells UI VC 

Professor Olaopa (Provost College of Medicine) - "I want to acknowledge the last speaker, I will return to him soon. But let us know that the VC has no right to call a Stakeholders' meeting without the prior approval of the Senate".

 The VC was making reference to the indigent students. If the university truly loves the students, they should remove the acceptance fees to begin with.

I understand what's going on but then, all fingers are not equal.

I'm a member of SAN. Don't be deceived, it's not Senior Advocate of Nigeria, it's Senior applicants of Nigeria. I don't have that money to pay sir. Let's go gradual sir. - (Parent)

Justifications for Medical Students Trainning Fee

"Medical students in Private universities pay three million Naira. 

"And UI students currently pay 32 000, a year...
Cost of training of health professionals is high and continues to increase. We need to train students  - we don't want doctors who will kill their patients." 

Summary and Conclusion

The University is at a point where it is difficult to continue to subside the running of the Halls of residence and carry out some academic functions without a slight adjustment in accommodation charges and school fees.

More updates soon..

Credit; UCJ UI & WOUWO

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