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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

EFIWE NEWS: More Updates From UI Stakeholders Meeting Held On April 10th | Listen To AUDIO!

As part of its open-door policy and efforts to ensure peace on campus, Management of the University of Ibadan (UI) on Tuesday, 10 April, 2018 met major stakeholders, including parents, alumni, partners, friends, students as well as other interest groups with view to intimating them with developments in the institution.

  The meeting, under the Stakeholders Forum, took place at the Trenchard Hall under the Chairmanship of a one-time Vice Chancellor, Prof. Omoniyi Adewoye by 10 in the morning.

More updates from the Stakeholders meeting which held on the 10th of April, 2018 at the Trenchard Hall, University of Ibadan. 

Mr Ayo Akinyemi - "This gathering today, is like putting the cat before the horse. The university has already made the decision before calling the stakeholders".

Mrs Olukanmi Koleowo - "Dear parents, I think we have to be realistic. We cannot compare the price of things from years back. The state of the hostels is bad.

Mr (Unknown) - "Mr Vice Chancellor, until now, the minimum wage is 18,000naira. We know we can't send our wards to private institutions, that's why we brought our children to a public institutions.
I hereby move a motion that this decision be reversed, and another meeting be called for the deliberation.

Mr (Unknown) - "We cannot decide for the university here, but the university can go back and review this.

Mr (Unknown) - "I have three children here. I just want to suggest that the accommodation should come down to 20-25k"

Anjola Boluwatife (400L Law Student) - "I think we have a problem of trust. There are things not said here. We are talking of 14,000naira for a bedspace, and not a room."

RE: Professor Olaopa (Provost College of Medicine) - "I want to acknowledge the last speaker, I will return to him soon. But let us know that the VC has no right to call a Stakeholders' meeting without the prior approval of the Senate".

This man, i must say - is intellectual
And he made use of confrontational logics
Mr (Unknown) - "The meeting is being transmitted live, so we should be cautious with anything we do today. Any mistake we make today will cut across other schools in the nation."

Mr (Unknown) - "Please look at me very well. I came with bathroom slippers today. My wife asked me why, and I told her - this is the state of the nation."


Credit: UCJ UI & WOUWO

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