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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

EDITORIAL: 4 Reasons Why Pres. Buhari Is The Worst President Ever Had | READ!

buhari00 - 4 Reasons Why Buhari Is the Worst President Nigeria ever Had

Despite the history of Muhammad Buhari during the military era with many unclear and unproven facts about the military general whether if Buhari was ever a good leader and if he’s going to be a good president in a democratic setting at a desperate time when Nigeria has been brought to her kneels due to corrupt practices of the politicians who are bent running the state dry, the desperate time when Nigerians taught the formal general is what the country needs to stop corruption, fight corruption and brought those found guilty to face the wrath of the law, despite all these unclear facts Nigerians in desperate to get a corrupt government out vote for general Buhari to lead the country back to its glory, fight corruption like no other and put the country back among other great nations in the world where it truly belongs.

This is an assessment of president Buhari who Nigerians hope that he is going to bring the political landlords in the country who has amount the state resources to themselves while the people live in poverty but the opposite has been the case since president Buhari was inaugurated, he has abandoned the people who elected him to dine with the people who people hold who the state to ransom.

Security – the primary function of any government is ensuring the security of lives and properties of its citizens, because in a peaceful society is where development will take place. The buhari government has failed in this aspect, he ran for office at a time when there was security challenges in the county, when the boko haram pose a serious treat to national security and at this time they also kidnap of over 200 girls in chibok and buhari promised to bring peace back to the north east region where the activity of the sect was hot and stability back to the country at large but the opposite is the case as the president has failed to take the security issue serious, the president was reluctant to label the IPOB terrorist and deal with them decisively which people including me laud and applaud the president for that but the president has failed to label the fulani herdsmen terrorist and also deal with them decisively. the fulani herdsmen is declared the 4th deadliest terrorist group in the world by Global Terrorism Index. Despite the group killings of Nigerians and destruction of their properties running over defenseless Nigerians any time they want, the president has been silent.
The president silent shows support for this group and this leave Nigerians to be wondering why this president is doing this, with many saying it’s because Buhari is from the same ethnic group with this deadly group terrorizing Nigerians, and the president seems to be proving those who accuse him of nepotism right, recently attack by these group in Benue state that claim over 70 lives and the president was silent, not even condolence visit by the president on the day their dead bodies were laid to rest and nepotist president buhari was reluctant to attend a wedding the following day, where in the world does this happen. these are factors that shows buhari is not even fit to lead a community talk less of a circular state like Nigeria.

The recent kidnap of girls in dapchi yobe state shows that Nigeria is still run by a government that never learn from mistakes of others, the kidnap of chibok girls in 2014 which expose the vulnerability of Nigerian citizens and how it’s government is unprepared to secure the safety of an average Nigerians on the street, for over 100 girls to be kidnapped again recently in dapchi shows the Nigerian government is careless when it comes to security of life and properties of its citizens and the buhari’s  government is no different.

buhari000 - 4 Reasons Why Buhari Is the Worst President Nigeria ever Had

Economy – another aspect to evaluate the buhari government is the on the economy issues, the basis why Nigeria is still considered as the largest economy in africa has always been based on indecies and policies that are for the government and not the people, and Nigeria is still considered the largest economy of africa under this administration, the Naira has further lost its value against the dollar over and over, price of commodities has been on the rise, price of commodities has ever been on the rise from the inception of this administration, the petrol price has been up for about 80% and according to All Progressive Congress (APC) during the 2015 campaign which said the then Jonathan led Government should have reduced the pump price per liter to N45 but didn’t and now with the APC in Government has increase the price from N87 to N145 per liter followed by unbearable scarcity in December 2017, Electricity tariff has been increased twice under this administration and still we are in darkness, Job lost has been on the rise with many companies closed and left for neighboring countries largely due to lack of power and security and to a very large extent unfavorable government policies.
The federal and state school fees has been on the rise, the hostel and accommodation fees are up, even the acceptance fee has become unbearable with the many parents who pays this money’s minimum wage remain the same and with many states owing months making life to have never been more difficult on Nigerians before than it is under this administration.

Corruption battle – The Buhari led administration has made battle against corruption his mantra and his main focus but with many formal corrupted individuals who crossed over to the party and many corrupt practices of individuals in this administration including the Government lavish spending and wastefulness such budgeting as much as 100 million naira for kitchen utensils has made this administration to be almost as corrupt has the previous administrations in just a few years.

This administration has ex-governors, who ran their respective state dry as ministers, with an undemocratic president who doesn’t understand anything about the judicial system with an Economic and Financial Commission (EFCC) who can only fight against corruption on paper where it’s always looking for cheap glory without doing its assignment and we wonder why the battle against corruption is lost on arrival. we can see the EFCC losing case like a tiger trying to catch a fly.

The only thing this government keeps telling Nigerians is the level corruption of previous governments without telling us what exactly they are doing or what they have done, by this time one would have imagine that this government must have gotten a corrupt big wit tried and convicted but instead this government is letting them off the hook in exchange for support and loyalty and we wonder why key witnesses and evidence in case against the corrupts keep disappearing in court.

Achievement – Since 2015 that the buhari administration has been inaugurated, there has not been any major achievement from these government despite that it has borrowed 11 trillion naira in 3 years.
A government that failed in his primary function in securing lives and properties of Nigerians, because Nigerians has never been this defenseless and this helpless that some groups can just run on them, kill as many as they can with president buhari looking the other way, this government has brought hardship on Nigerian like no other, commodities have become expensive and not easily affordable to Nigerians and life has never been this hard on nigerians.

These past 3years has shown that the buhari that was ousted from government in 1984 he has not develop himself and the buhari then is still the same egoistic, nepotism, lackadaisical, uninformed, remote, stupid buhari that we have in power today and the reality is that he is old and very disconnected from the reality and present situation of things in the country today.

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