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Thursday, 15 March 2018

EFIWE NEWS: Hon. Olatoye Temitope Sugar Will Deliver Campaign Promises If Elected As Oyo State Governor In 2019

Hon. Sugar will deliver on all his campaign promises if elected as Governor of Ọyọ State come 2019

In his first tenure as a State Lawmaker Hon. Sugar performed excellently that it made him popular among others even it also looked as if there were no other lawmakers in the state then due to his uniqueness and excellent performances.

The good works and outstanding performances at the state level during the time paved the way for him to be the incumbent Representative member representing Akinyele/Lagelu Federal constituency and still he doesn't stop his outstanding performances and humanitarian assistance by always making peaceful co-existence among the good people of Oyo State by ensuring the provision of social services that can make people's lives more meaningful and enjoyable while he is always making sure that the good people of Oyo State enjoy effective education, sound health, lucrative agricultural support, empowerments, free transportation etc, just to mention a few.

“ It is necessary to take some time to let the people know that we can make our votes count by holding political office holders accountable to the promises they make during their electioneering campaign .

“ It is important for government to go to the people to find out what their needs are , understand them and address them for better life.'

I'm advising the national and state executives of the APC to consider someone who is resourceful, productive, innovative, transparent, capable, educated, politically experienced and qualified like Hon. Temitope Olatoye Sugar as the party’ s candidate ahead the 2019 gubernatorial election in Ọyọ State because he has electoral value.

Hon. Sugar has been receiving clarion calls from interest groups like teachers, civil servants, local government workers , retirees, youth and women groups to contest for gubernatorial post because they believe that he the only divine mandate who can bring more dividends of good governance worthy of emulation throughout the federation in Ọyọ State because seeing is believing.
He has never disappointed his people ever since he had been contesting and winning elections.

“ He is simple , intelligent , humble, respectful , incorruptible , responsible and God -fearing,”

“Hon. Sugar is the man we have chosen to work for; we are not ashamed to associate with this man of integrity and we must ensure that he wins both the primary and general election with a landslide victory .

“ The political atmosphere is most favourable for our party now and the only person people are demanding of our party to give them is Hon. (Dr.) Olatoye Temitope Sugar who they are ready to vote in as governor come 2019.


Solution 2019........ O ti seese.

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