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Saturday, 31 March 2018

EFIWE EXCLUSIVE: My Strong Start Helped Me Through The Five Years - Ajayi Iyinoluwa, First Class Graduate, Faculty Of Law, University Of Ibadan

Miss Ajayi Iyinoluwa
Meet Ajayi Iyinoluwa, a recent graduate of Law from the University of Ibadan, a Pressman, Public Speaker and Leader.  She is currently a Legal Intern at Oando PLC. She has, by grace and hard work, won a number of awards, some of which are:

1. Best counsel(2015) Taiwo O. TAIWO Moot and Mock Competition, Faculty of Law, UI .

2. Finalist of the Year (2017) Queen Elizabeth II Hall, University of Ibadan

3. Dean's Honours List, (2013-2017), Faculty of Law, University of Ibadan

4. Federal Scholarship Board Award (2014-2017)

5. Award of Excellence, Students' Council on Legal Aids, UI

She has also had the privilege to serve in some positions which include :

1. Editor In Chief, Law Press Organization, 2016/2017

2. Speech Coach, QEH Literary and Debating Society 2015-2017

3. Vice-president, Students' Council on Legal Aids, University of Ibadan 2015

4. Chairperson, disciplinary Committee, Junior Chamber International, University of Ibadan 2017

5. Deputy Editor-in-Chief,Law Press Organization, University of Ibadan, 2016

She is also a YALI RLC Alumnus.

In an exclusive interview with WOUWO Host, Akinpelu Yusuf,  Iyinoluwa talks more about her upbringing, the journey of becoming a legal practitioner and many more. She also revealed that she didn't find the love and passion for Law until her third year in the University but was able to graduate with a First class honour due to some reasons. Read below:

WOUWO Host, Akinpelu Yusuf

Good evening, Madam.

Evening Sir

How was growing up like for you?

Well, growing up for me was fun. I am the third of four children, quite a space between my last sibling and I so for a while, I got there last born treatment. I had 'semi-disciplinarians' as parents but there was a balance as we grew.

Is it the semi-disciplinarian upbringing you got as a kid what metamorphosed into the full blown disciplinarian we see in you now as an adult?

I haven't given this a thought. Maybe... Maybe-not. While it must have played a significant role, I can't totally attribute my nature to my upbringing.

Thank you. How did the journey of becoming a legal practitioner start? By coincidence? By ultimate desire? Or parents willpower? How?

 Lol. I had no desire. I honestly just chose law because my tiny mind thought it was the happening course for every art student. My parents had zero influence, they only made it clear they weren't going to influence my admission. I had to earn it.

And you earned it with a clean swoop. All A's? B's?

Lol, Bs and C.

So, when did the love for law start after you finally got it?

Didn't start until my third year. Up until then, I was just 'chilling'

Hmm. Surprising. You made a first class in a course you didn't have interest in until the third year of five years; how come?

Well, I didn't need interest to do well. I just did some things right I believe. Plus I had to defer my admission when I got it cos I was too young. I was so angry, I got necessary text books and materials, attended some lectures before going back home, formed my note, crammed everything 🤦🏼‍♀, resumed a year after and good grades were chasing me

But this changed in my third year, I began to study not just to pass. I studied for the knowledge. That was the difference.

What worked for you? How did you study and pass to reach that mark?

Nothing special. It's not exactly like there's a formula. I think the strong start helped me through the five years.

Thank you. You were one of the Editor of the intellectual edifice called Venimus 2017. What birthed the idea, and what is it all about?

Venimus is a publication by law students and for law students. It is the brain child of a member of my class and a team of five edited the publication. It was published out of the desire to challenge indepth thinking among law students and encourage their response to contemporary issues with the use of the pen.

You were a staunch member of the UCJ where you were a standout female Campus Journalist. How much contribution did you donate? And what is fate of Campus Journalism?

I started out late as regards campus journalism. But I am thankful to people like Alao, Kunle, Kanyinsola, Haleem, Sope, Samuel, Seyi, Rabiat and a host of all others who made campus journalism attractive to me.

I tried my best in my concluding two years in UI and I served the union in various capacities ranging from exam and induction to presidential debate and a few others

The future if campus journalism is bright if only pressmen can be committed. In times like this when student unionism and representation is gradually going out of existence, the power of the pen can be instrumental in preventing it's final burial. Commitment and bravery, however, are indispensable tools.

 Thank you. Quick one ma: You mentioned about the power of the pen being instrumental to preventing the interment of unionism. What practical steps as an individual did you take towards this?

I didn't do anything spectacular about this and this is one thing I wish I did better. I took the backseat most of the time. Nevertheless, I did write a few times in the heat of the proscription of the union, though anonymously but I could have done better.

Okay ma. Thanks. Now, what practical steps dp you suggest for your protégés to take?

Don't wait till you're known before you start taking steps. Many times, as campus journalists,  we wait for prestige which infact doesn't come(at least the one that'll last) if you are not committed.

When issues are noticed, pick your pen and write objectively about it. Also take time for personal development. Substance is what will keep you in the game

Thank you ma You didn't hold any posts in the UCJ. Was it of your own making?

As I've said I found my footing late in UCJ. When I joined, I was more about development than leadership through service. So yes... It was my making.

Alright. You were involved in active journalism, public speaking and you were still in the active business of acing your academics. How did you mix all these?

Summarily : Grace, time-management, learning the art of saying 'no' and building the ability to prioritize.

Saying 'no'?🤔 Please ma, can you expatiate?

Sometimes I am approached to take too much than I know I can handle. I don't see saying 'no' as a sign of weakness, once it is honestly beyond me, I don't bother.

How is the flashback like each time you remember the way Queens Hall lost in last year's Jaw War final?

Ah. This one is deep. Especially knowing it could have been a different story if I didn't lose my lines at some point. It was the last thing I ever thought could happen to me but guess we aren't always as good as we think we are😑

So when the wound was still fresh, I used to drop a tear when I remember. But now, I'm healing🙂 and I think I learnt from the experience.

With whom do you currently share your heart with?

Ermmm... People share hearts?

This is what it means to share heart: is there any man in your life?

There are men in my life 🙂 In your sense though... None for now🙂


Hehe... Many reasons, most important of which is I've not found the ying to my yang😑

What quality would a Ying have before it can be a perfect match for your Yang?

Lol. Humour king , smart, God-fearing and ability to manage small craze.

Aren't those qualities some law students have. In your 5 years with them you've not seen any one with these qualities among them?

For now, I still hold the opinion that I can't marry a lawyer and I've had this in mind for a while

Manage small craze? You really show small craze? For real?


Are lawyers bad husbands? Why is that inclination so?
Lol...Nah. Variety is the spice of life. Plus who knows 🤷🏼‍♀I can change my mind. 

What are your plans for the future is it full time law? Or what?

Maybe, but not conventional practice.. (I mean litigation). There's lecturing, arbitration and corporate practice in the picture.

Pair them as appropriate: Kunle Adebajo, Adeyemi Idowu, Jimoh Mujib - Life partner, a day date, crush.

Adeyemi Idowu - Life partner. A day date - Jimoh Mujib. Crush - Kunle Adebajo 😐

What did you regret you ever did and what did you regret you never did?

I regret I didn't 'use' my singing ability 😥 I don't regret doing anything I ever did

What's your take on feminism and the apathy of women in societal development?

Feminism : One concept I don't exactly like to talk about while it seeks to promote equal right for both men and women, it has been diluted and misrepresented by many. We are first humans, then male or female.

We need to stop with the sentiments and face reality. The female gender is known for some qualities, the male is known for some. Let's embrace this diversity and work towards being better versions of ourselves. I support equal treatment for all and not special treatment for some.

Apathy of women towards societal development is largely due to the 'patriarchal society'we are in. However, things are fast changing and women are stepping up and doing things they normally wouldn't do. That I think is a step in the right direction.

To close, what can the youths do right in 2019?

Be sensitive. Let's not get all sentimental and in a bid to vote out the old guys, vote in young worse guys. Let's vote for quality(if we ever find) 😐

We appreciate your patience all night long. Thank you, Madam. More wit to your thoughts.

Thanks sir🙂🙂

Thank you for reading this Interview. Feel free to share with Others and post on your prestigious platforms. If posted, kindly give credit to WOUWO and Unibadan EFIWE. Thanks and God Bless. 

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