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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

EFIWE EXCLUSIVE: Living A Balanced Life Helped Me... - Paul Black, Reveals More In New Interview | READ!

Oyegunle Gbenga Paul a.k.a Paul Black is a fresh graduate of Political Science from the University of Ibadan who strongly believes in Activism and Liberation. During his stay in the university, he actively participated in Union struggles and is also an advocate for vibrant Youth Leadership. He is  a seasoned Public Speaker and also enjoys constructive writing.

He has won many laurels in Public Speaking, and also in the category of Leadership

Below are some of his Leadership positions held in

Deputy Chief Whip - Department of Pol.Sci 2014

Member, Senate House, Dept of Pol.sci  2014 - 2016

Chief whip UISRC, SU 2015

Member UISRC, 2015 - 2016

The P.R.O, Mellanby Hall Literary and debating Society - 2015

Deptuy Senate President  pol sci 2016

President Faculty of The Social Science Literary and Debating Society - 2016

Speech Coach, Mellanby Hall literary and debating Society - 2017

Executive Hall Chairman,Kenneth Mellanby Hall - 2017

Head, Council of Hall Chairs (COHAC) - 2017

Below are some of his award Honorarium 

3rd Best Inductee Mellanby Hall Literary and debating Society - 2014

Winner Jawar 2015, Faculty of The Social Sciences 

1st Runner Up, SRC intervasity debate FUTA - 2015

Winner Prof. Bayo Okunade Intervasity debate, UI 2016

Winner, King of The Podium Mellanby Hall - 2016

Winner,Most outstanding Finalist Making Waves in Public Speaking, UI class '17.

In his Spare time, He enjoys listening to Raggae Music and Playing Football.
WOUWO Co-Host, Chidera 

WOUWO Host, Zenas MI SPY

In a lengthy interview with WOUWO Hosts, Zenas and Chidera, Paul Black talks more about his journey through the University of Ibadan, challenges faced and benefits derived from serving as Hall Chairman (Kenneth Mellanby Hall) during the 2016/2017 Academic session and many more. Read Full interview below;

Good evening sir, Welcome on board

 Good Evening. 

We're pleased to have you here. Shortly, can you brief us on your journey through the University of Ibadan? 

You are welcome. Well nothing much, gaining admission into UI, was a great thing for me, and haven being delayed for another 5 months of the then ASUU, really made me thirst for wanting to make my mark here.

Priviledged to be allocated The Premier Hall, which formed the basis of my wonderful time here, Great personalities who ignited ine the passion for Politics and Public Speaking most importantly, my four years was hinged on these two asides academics.

 Chidera: OK. Thank you very much. 
Talking about politics and public speaking; apart from these two, where there any other area(s) you ventured in? Cos I can see a bit of sportsmanship in your profile.

Oh yes, actually I dropped football as soon as I entered UI, only for that to be re-ignited during the just concluded Mellanby Primus league where I played for the Excos Team.

 Chidera: Thank you. You are the Immediate Past Mellanby Hall Chair. What were the challenges you faced and the benefits you derived from serving the premier hall. 

Great question there. Administration is characterized by day to day challenges. To mention a few; Fund Raising, Coping with Limited Documentation and Information (Alumni), Maintenance of Aged Facilities, etc.

On Benefits, well the most important of all is the exposure, training and knowledge depth.

Zenas M I SPY; Quick one sir. Can you list your achievements for us sir, or as many as you can.

Hmmmn. Will try. It is important to note, The Resonance Team through dedication and Team efforts, were able to the centre of the table the following:

Early Distribution of Hall Package( June last year)

On Program: Organization of A Four day Freshers Welcome within the 1st Month of Resumption

Organization of Leaderahip Conference, putting our Dear FINALIST as into consideration tagged :Ignite

Celebration of 65th Anniversary of the Hall, The Blue Sapphire and A Beffiting Hall week, The Blue week

On Capital Projects: Facilitation of Renovation of Senior and Onasode Common room, facilitation of Car park renovation, gacilitation of installation of  four 7,500 litres water tanks, facilitation of Flower pots renovation and just recently, the Renovation of  The Hall's Fountain and Installation of Garden lights and others.

Chidera: Which means by this, you're implying that all other excos worked cooperatively to achieve the set goals?

A Truism

Chidera: Thank you very much sir. How would you describe your relationship with the Press (especially that of Kenneth Mellanby Hall)?

We maintained cordial relations with all organs, we promised that.. As regards the Press, they were wonderful, Constructive writings, which put us on our toes.

I wasn't so surprised when Mellanby Hall press carted home acolades and even named the best Hall press. The Editor in Chief, Olatunji Haleem, and his team were out of this world.

Zenas M I SPY: And the L and D? What can you say? What would you say led to your exit?

I want to assume at Jaw War 2017 right?

Zenas M I SPY: Yes sir

Of course its a competition, you win some, you lose some, you move on. We had a great team, and produced great speeches too.

Zenas M I Spy: Will you admit your opponent then, Queens Hall, was the better side?

Chidera: Thank you sir. A snippet from your profile reads that you"...believe in activism and liberation." 

Another part says you were the chairman of the council of Hall Chairs. It was rumoured at some point that the Hall Chairs and the SU Excos (particularly the President) were speaking different languages as regards the struggle to save the Union from extinction. What do you have to say about this sir?

First an individual who gives himself up in Service to others should be given credence, because not everyone can toll that path.

In Administration especially at the Union level where we have different leaders come together to represent different minds, it is okay to have conflicting views, the most important thing is moving forward and taking decisions together, which we did and till date standby.

Zenas M I SPY: Quick one. What were the steps taken by the hall chairs, the council of which you head, to restore the clipped Union?

B. How far did you go

C. What were the obstacles faced

 Chidera: To add to that.  Apart from the council, what steps did you — and by extension, Mellanby hall — take?

B. Many things went down the pipe, i must give kudos to all the Hall Chairs, Fac Presidents , Union leaders and generality of concerned Uites, who didn't stop coming for brain storming sessions, who also threw thier ceasless flesh of support during the trying times.

In moving on, We met times without numbers with reps of the University Management in a bid to bring back our Union. On the Mellanby front, we at every point in time yielded to the Union call, PROMPTLY.

Come this new session we hope that all these efforts will reap good fruits, as we are confident that our union will be back and better before UI's 70th Anniversary celebration

On obstacles...they were intense..pressures from all corners etc.

Zenas M I SPY: Intense pressures from all corners Example of the corners sir? 

Trust issues from Uites. Some will go to the extent of frame up things that didn't happen. Internal pressure from Hall warden, giving the card of "Just do yours and leave" amongst  others. 

Chidera; Thank you sir. Now, back to Mellanby. You mentioned some projects, such as the facilitation of the repair of the hall's fountain. 

Now, what do you think of your successor? 

And what words do you have for him?

Great Man, with a great Team (Epoch). He's got the track record. They are all set to Fire from all cylinders come next session.

Words for Him: Keep Improving on the Standard.

Chidera: OK. Thank you sir. Talking about the standard, many have opined that the excos team led by you were one of the best in the past session, yet, you were not on the final nominees' list for the JCI Outstanding student in Hall Management. What do you have to say about this?

In Junior Chambers International, we do not  award ourselves, by policy

Chidera: So you're saying you were a J. C?

That's a Truism. The Hall chair before and After me, all belong to this great Leadership body.

Zenas M I SPY: What do you think about that policy, jettisoning meritocracy all because you want to serve humanity and decided to do so through JCIN? 

 It's a Policy...If we were to have JCS up for nomimation...We may have them win all categories..

Zenas M I SPY: Is it mandatory on every Kenneth Mellanby Hall Chairman to be a member of JCIN? 

Not mandatory, but very essential.

Zenas M I SPY: Does it mean JCI has become like a ritual club which decides Kenneth Mellanby Hall election since it is very essential? 

It grooms people willing to Lead and Serve well

Zenas M I SPY: Sighs! But sir, not everyone that is a JCI member is better than non-JCI member.

Also, don't you think it will discourage/dissuade someone who is very passionate but equally outstanding and eyeing the award from joining?

 A smoke cannot be hid under a blanket. In facts its the other way round, as it serve as a source of motivation to others, when you hear stuff like, "That guy making waves in blah a JC, be like him, its more rewarding than any plaque or certificate.

On the general front. Being a JC is an added advantage, a Non JC can also fare well too..lifes not that hard.

Chidera: "Being a J. C is an added advantage..." What advantage(s) did *you* gain from being a J. C?

To mention a Few; knowledge of Parliamentary business, networking, leadership training, exposure etc.

Chidera: Okay sir. Moving on the cooler side of life😉, you were engaged in quite a lot and, according to the Book of Life of last session, your CGPA was a very enviable one. Does that mean you had no girlfriend(s)?

Living a Balanced Life, has really helped me, though it is not easy.

On the girlfriend front: I'm not seeing anyone for now.

Zenas M I SPY: Mellanby has maintained its prestige, though can't be contested before though, as the premier hall. However, on the SU level, it has been disappointing so far, especially with 3 back-to-back defeats, if not more.

What can you say on Mellanby hall prospect in *SU presidency* especially pending the restoration of the Union? 

Just as we have had defeat as you'd would say, we have also recorded back to back success, From Tceent (P.R.O 14)to Emperor (Treasurer 15) to Powerful and Vibrating Osas (House Secretary 16)...its a function of how you see it.

The time will come, when a Great Leader will lead UI students, and he will come from the Premier Hall...Theres no need to rush

Zenas M I SPY: Sir, we learnt you are dating Osunsami Dorcas. (Sent by anonymous)

No, I am not

Zenas M I SPY: You've not answered sir. What do you think of mellanby hall prospect or perhaps, being a member of the hall, what would you say led to those defeats sir?

Mellanby Hall a greater prospect, coz everyone now looks up to Mellanby as a case study for strong leadership, you cant take that from us.

Why we lost: Permutations, Finance, Apathy and other factors.. Thats politics for you.

Zenas M I SPY: What would be the credentials of Ladies trying to apply for a spot in your heart sir?

In the words of M.I; Be black, be beautiful be strong be correct, be tight, be alright be creative, have skills and be all you can be. Automatic Spot Gbam.

Zenas M I SPY: 1. Return to politics. Defend your failure to get in just one of the three aspirants for the last SU election that came from Kenneth Mellanby Hall. Remember, Indy fielded 3, and got the three in. 

Not Defendable. I accept.

Zenas M I SPY: A question for P Black;

Many a time, we from the school two(ui abandoned areas) would take struggle to Mellambi hall and seek mobilisation, when the going was really tough, but you alongside your excos would stay at the gate, locked the gate against us, and preventing willing Mellambites from coming out to join the struggle.... Yet, you were the chairman of the so called hall chairs association.... Why?? (Sent in by Anonymous)

 Mellanbites are Rational minds, and Intellectuals per excellence. First, not everything you call struggle is struggle.

Important Question. Do Mellanbites come to zik or Indy to mobilize to the gate, when they have water, power etc... 

I dont know of any, its because we find internal diplomatic means to solve our problems, with due respect i feel the bigger male halls need more of this, so much will be achieved this way

Mellanbites are men who irrespective of the weather never shiver. They come for congresses, they make themselves through the leadership of the hall available for Union matters, We strike when  the need is there.

Zenas M I SPY: Ask: After graduation, what next: Marriage, Masters or Money? (Sent in by Anonymous) 

Truth be told, Am in my Decison Making Period. For now, there's no answer to that, of course, Marriage is out of it.

Zenas M I SPY: Question 2: Back to relationship. What's your take on Virginity? Virgin, non-virgin or anyone? 

Its a mental illusion.

Zenas M I SPY: Explicitly sir? 

Some hymen dont have to go through sex to be broken... So why make life hard for ones self for ladies.

Zenas M I SPY: A question for P Black

Sir, I am a very religious fan of you, political, public speaking and aluta E since my 100L. However, with your back and back WOEFUL election losses of Areola in Idia and Dorcas which you spearheaded, I was forced to take a rethink that after all, your popularity in ui lies only in Mellanby's local palace. What do you say to this sir. Be sincere? 

For me just be pure at Heart. Perception is Key, these are ones you know supported others who have won too.. Doyin LSS against all odds th0ats just an example. 

I complimented their efforts.  I only support the ones I spear headed were our hall's candidates, and I accepted the failure.

GAME: (One night stand, to marry, Kiss) (Dorcas Osunsami. Tilewa Psychology, Deola Oladega (Idia Hall)?

Dorcas Osunsami (One Night stand) Tilewa (Kiss)  Adeola (to Marry) 

Zenas M I SPY: Now, we've come to the end of the interview series. Thanks Paul Black. It was great having you here? 

An Honour, I must say. Thank you to the Chief Host, Barrack Opayne for having me on this wonderful platform, WOUWO. 

Thank you for reading this Interview. Feel free to share with others and post on your your prestigious platforms. 

If posted, kindly give credit to Unibadan EFIWE and WOUWO. Thank you and God God Bless you. 

Contact Paul Black via 
Mail:  [email protected] 
Call: 09097292106

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