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Sunday, 7 January 2018

EFIWE GOSSIP: Why I Used "ABACHA" - Former Students' Union Leader, Babatunde Badmus Talks About His Comment On UIVC Post

In a chat on a Whatsapp group, Former Students' Union Leader, Babatunde Badmus reveals why He used "ABACHA" while commenting on the Facebook post which was posted on the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Idowu Olayinka's official Facebook page.

When One of the group members on the WhatsApp group asked Why BB liken the VC to Abacha,
To be honest be objective was unnecessary of the the BB fellow to refer/liken  the vice chancellor to Abacha. In his words, Babatunde replied;

I used Abacha because of the common autocratic traits in both the VC and Abacha. Sometimes,  it is good to read and digest a comment before you respond. When I was the students' Union President,  I was called names, in fact Prof. X wrote an article then with the title Our President has Gone mad again my response to the article was more of that of a leader and I showed a lot of maturity in responding to it and some other ones written by aggrieved Students weather genuinely aggrieved or politically motivated. 

I am not seeking any favor from the Vice Chancellor but those who were in this school eduring the tenure of Adewole would educate some of you here on what the office of the Vice chancellor should be."

"To the gentleman who used the word Stupid I forgive you,  go and sin no more" He added.

According to reports, the Post has been deleted from the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Idowu Olayinka's official Facebook Page. 

In case you missed, READ FULL STORY HERE!

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