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Friday, 12 January 2018

EFIWE GOSSIP: 10 Different People In An Ibadan Bus | See MEMES!

Some residents of Ibadan would agree with me that Ibadan Buses can be very frustrating at times because of their movement (slower than snails) and the way they stop to carry and offload passengers at every Bus stop.

Some of the drivers can wait for as long as fifteen minutes at a bus stop only for one or two passengers to pop in before it moves to the next. Even when you try to tell them to move as they would see passengers in the next bus stop, they would clapback at you, giving you the insults of your Life.

You might hear stuffs like 'Shey Iwo lo raa oko fun Mi ni (were you the one that bought the bus for me?) or Iwo lo maa koomi bi won shey waa oko ( are you the one that would teach me how to drive?)

You will have no choice than to keep qwayet (quiet) and wait till the bus moves or alight from the bus to find your next route if you can't wait patiently.

I boarded a Bus during my 100 Level days from Ojoo and I was heading to GTBank at Awolowo Way, Bodija. When I entered the bus, it was around 2:50pm so I calculated and garjulated that, within the next 15mins I should be inside GTBank. You won't believe that I didn't get to GTBank until 3:48pm, spent over 45mins in the 'O waa o' (alight) and 'Ewo lee kia' (carry) passengers struggle of Ibadan Bus. It was my first experience.

Anyway that's an article for another time. For now, I present to you, 10 Different People In An Ibadan Bus (See BELOW)

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