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Monday, 1 January 2018

EFIWE GISTS: Prophetic Pictures For 2018 By Dr. D.K Olukoya

Here's the Prophetic pictures for the year 2018 as declared by the General Overseer of Mountain Of Fire And Miracles Ministries, Dr. Daniel Olukoya.

According to Dr. Olukoya, He said;

"This year has 18 at the end and numbers are symbolic in the scripture. 

No. 1 stands for Purity.
No. 2 stands for Division 
No. 3 stands for Divine Fullness
No. 5 stands for Grace. 
No. 6 stands for number of Man. 
No. 7 stands for Spiritual perfection 
No. 13 stands for Rebellion 
No. 16 stands for Love 
While the No. 18 stands for Bondage and Oppression. 

2018 is a year of Bondage and Oppression so it has to be confronted with serious prayers (Luke 13)"

2018 is a year

1. Where bondage is repackaged and reloaded.
The Life of a Man has three phrases.

Ages ( 1 - 40, 41 - 80 and 81 - 120)

Ages (1-40) - This is the phrase of preparing, schooling and learning.

Ages (41-80) - This is a phrase where man gives back to God, his parents, children and people in the first stage looks up to him or her. At this stage, Man becomes a fully grown Adult and can stay in charge of his or her life.

Ages (81-120) - This is a phrase where you reap the rewards of the first two phrases of Life.

Dr. Olukoya mentioned 5 out of the 7 Levels of Bondages which were

Bondage by Inheritance (Generations or Parents)

Bondage by Decision (Walked into it yourself)

Bondage by Birth ( Born into Bondage)

Bondage by Covenant & Curses.

Bondage by Dedication.

He defined Bondage as a condition contrary to your well being. Anything that brings limitation, sorrow, attacks to your achievement, state of being enslaved, terrible fear, suicidal thoughts, nervousness, oversleeping, self inflicting injury, abnormal sex life, drug abuse & smoking, Alcoholism , Irrational anger, Depression, Horrible nightmares, obsessive eating and many more are all symptoms of Bondage.

2 - A year where a pestle will defeat the mortal

3 - A year of spiritual counter attack. Live a holy life If you will pray MFM Prayers and it would work.

4 - There will be terrible attacks on Marriages. Married couples should follow the Scripture which says a family that prays together, stays together.

5 - A year of attacks from strange infirmities and sickness

6 - A year of spiritual weakness which will be a disaster and tragedy.

7 - A year of Fight or Perish ( Your fingers must be taught to wage wars)

8 - A year of deliverance from long time bondage.

9 - A year of demonstration of the Raw power of God.

10 - A year where God will kill rebellion kings and leaders.

11 - A year where many people will overcome generational bondages

12 - A tragic year for those with Absalom Spirit.

13 - A year of Disgrace for strongman of Fear and terror.

14 - This year, the anger from Heaven will raise to the bream against shameless and sexual leaders/ nations

15 - A year where many who live a holy life will be empowered to rewrite their family history

16 - It would be a year of terrible disgrace for Ministers who want to go to church and make money alone.

17 - A year where plenty yokes of Barrenness will be broken.

18 - Wasting powers of many young people will manifest if they don't change this year.

19 - A rough year for modern day Jonahs.

20 - A year of Double Left Leg, a year where the animals will pursue the hunters.

21 - A year of madness of the Wind.

22 - A year of masquerading captivity

23 - A year where regular practice of personal deliverance will be fruitful

24 - A year where laziness in prayers will cause problems

25 - A year of stings from strange insects.

26 - A year where God will stretch forth his power against those nations against him.

27 - A year of Acidic rage due to the wrong teachings by men of God to the young ones.

28 - A year where God will raise up young youths

29 - A year of massive disgrace from all forms of dishonesty

30 - A year where Terror will disgrace Terror.

31 - A year of the rage of scientific witchcrafts. ( Serious prayers are needed)

32 - A rough year for those drinking Alcohol

33 - A year of the Ten R's (Revelation, Revolution, Revival, Renewal, Refreshment, Remembrance, Restoration, Redemption, Resolution)

34 - A year where you must cast your net to the right place to catch the right fishes.

35 - A year of 1 Samuel 3 vs 11

36 - A year of great fall for those who engage in coverups of Corruption.

37 - A year of manifestation of Divine Happenings

38 - A year of Strange changes ( Spiritual & Physical)

39 - A year of downturn for the Global economy

40 - A year where God will raise up Prophetess

41 - A year of rage of wasters for rebellion youths

42 - A year of disgrace for those who deal with hard drugs and restless Life.

43 - If you bank with God, you will reap this year.

44 - A year where personal and spiritual growth is not luxury but essential

45 - A year of political confusion and those fighting against the peace of this nation shall fight themselves.

How To Cope In Year 2018 

1 - You must get yourself key into the Fruits of the Spirit for Divine Acceleration ( Love, Joy, Peace, Long suffering, Faith are the fruits)

2 - Be Obedient

3 - Have Faith

4 - Have a Right Heart

5 - Do Worship and Prayers

For MFM Members, 2018 is My Year of Extraordinary Turn Around (Psalms 110:1, Luke 10:19, Galatians 6:9)

Prayer Points (Segment I)

1. Agents of hardship in my body, die.

2. Every work of the enemy in my life, catch fire.

3. Arrows from the dream, hear the word of the Lord, come out of my Life.

4. Resurrection power, come upon me now.

5. Every battle glued to my Life by the enemy, break away.

6. Oh God arise, answer your name in my Life.

7. Every success of darkness in my life, die.

(5 Mins Praises and Worship)

Segment II

1. Every power insulting God in my life, you are liar, die.

2. Any power expanding my battle, your time is up, die.

3. Angels of Restoration, I am here, locate me now.

4. Battles that have started, battles about to start over my life, die.

5. The book of wicked judgment open against me by kingdom of darkness, catch fire.

6. Every battle that I collected from my parents, die.

7. Powers reporting my prayers to darkness, fall down and die.

(5 mins Praises and Worship)

Segment III

1. Any power assigned to bring me down, I bring you down before you bring me down

2. Anti-greatness powers of my father's house, I destroy you now.

3. Anit-favour spirit, I bind and cast you out.

4. My mockers shall bow before me by the power in the blood of Jesus.

5. Any power that has pursued me here today, before I leave this place, die.

6. Any grave dung for me this year, swallow your digger.

7. My Father, arise for my sake, let those troubling me know that they are nothing.

(5 Mins praises and worship)

Segment IV

1. Those looking down at me, shall hear my story and shall be dazzled.

2. Every good gate closed against me, open by fire.

3. Any power assigned against me to convert ms to a living dead, die.

4. Every dead hand troubling my body, catch fire.

5. Oh God arise and take the hand of bitterness from my work.

6. Every battle of my father's house chasing away my glorious helpers, die.

7. Every battle of my father's house, saying I will not get to the top, die.

8. Every battle of my Father's house that has stolen my destiny, die.

9. Oh God, give ms a sign that will silent my enemies.

Happy New Year!!! From all of Us @ Unibadan Efiwe 

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