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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

EFIWE GISTS: 9ice Got Inspiration For 'Living Things' After Being Taxed By Fans In Kogi State @iam9ice

Sometimes inspiration can come from having a deep conversation with a music journalist. Other times, it can come from having your nose swimming with fart. This is the story of the Nigerian music industry.

We brag about our interesting songs, and how this country can produce heat for days. But you know what we can’t brag about? The types of inspiration our musicians utilise to make these records. It isn’t only Hennessy and marijuana that offer these things. Sometimes, it comes from very interesting places.

While a lot of us would want to hand over @9iceofficial to the NBC due to the lyrics of his song ‘Living things’ glorifying suspect characters, you would have to ask the singer himself.

The record which was one of 2017’s standout projects wasn’t exactly inspired by people on EFCC’s most wanted list. Instead, it came from his people, his fans who came to seek blessings after a festival in Kogi State.

"The inspiration behind the song came to be when I went to Kogi State for a festival,’ he said. ‘So when we were about to leave, a guy blocked the road and said ‘these are living things,’ we’re here baba.

So someone gave them money,’ he continued. ‘And the guy just kept on saying ‘we’re living things, we’re living things.  So on our way back to Lagos from Kogi, the word he was saying kept coming to me, and I worked on it and developed the song we all now listen to and enjoy."

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