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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

EFIWE EXCLUSIVE: NANS Needs To Show That Their Intervention Is Not To Fill Their Pockets - Former UISRC Speaker, Toheeb Arogundade | READ!

Here's an excerpts from the press meeting recently conducted with University Of Ibadan Students' Representative Council (UISRC) Former Speaker, Mr Toheeb Arogundade.

Student Activst, Toheeb talks about his position on NANS invading UI to disrupt activities, his view about NANS, Current NANS JCC Oyo State Executives and many more. Read below;

Press: Good evening Mr Arogundade Toheeb.

Arogundade: Good evening Sir

Press: As the former speaker of the Students' Union and student activist when you were still on campus. What is your position on NANS invading the school to disrupt activities including the ongoing examination. 

Arogundade: Sincerely, I will want to commend the sincere intervention of the Nans JCC leadership but one can't place the cart before the horse. NANS Oyo JCC, has been known for their intellectual ideology and I must commend the chairman and some ideologue, but there are still some people who have no ideological foundation let alone have the intellectual capacity to even be a member of the executive, when one who is supposed to be the mouth piece of an ideological group degrade himself to what I term an "infantile delinquent", this are the come and raid and cashtivists that will continue to be a clog in the wheel of progress of NANS unless something is done.They need to show that their intervention is not to fill their pockets, as we have always observe in the past.

Press: What's your view about NANS?

Arogundade: NANS 'was' a pressure that wasn't just the mouthpiece of students but also that of the masses. They engaged not just school management on welfarism of students but also on National issues. This was the Nans Segun Okeowo and others led in the 1970s and 1980s. 

"NANS has lost it marbles, it pilots have eaten vulture with impunity and if they need to be trusted, they will have to go back to the ideological foundation in which NANS was founded, else we shall continue to have political jobbers parading themselves as activists"

Press: What do think about the statement make in their recent release that "Nans is not NURTW and are not set of illogical beings"?

Arogundade: It is sardonic that some elements can display intellectual ignorance by tagging NURTW, an organization in which people like the sage chief Obafemi Awolowo piloted as Secretary "thugs", some elements in NANS are worse of than some members of NURTW. I am very sure if the members of the NURTW are placed in the same platforms and given the same privileges some elements in NANS are enjoying. I am sure NANS won't be able to compete at par with them.

Press: What advice do you have for the current NANS JCC Oyo State Executives?

Arogundade: If I don't give kudos to the Niniola-led administration of NANS JCC Oyo state, the spirit of prosperity will never smile at me for the intellectual intervention during Mote's struggle and other interventions on other institutions across board.

The success will never be marked out in the book of success. The success wasn't by our doing alone. It was the collective efforts of all members of the Union and we thank God for seeing us through.

 I will advice the current chairman to start public symposium in all 17 institutions in Oyo States to change the negative orientation students have about NANS, make sure he also give proper orientation to his executives on their mode of engagement in the public especially the Public relations officer that has been showing in public that he is  historically and ideologically backward and also follows the blueprint of his immediate predecessor.

Press: What is your position on the recent Herdsmen saga going on in the country?

Arogundade: On herdsmen issue, the reason we can't always to find a lasting solution to most of our problems is because we attach coloration to every problem, be it religious or ethnic. These people are armed bandits and should be treated as criminals the same way cattle rustlers should be treated, attaching a name will spike up sentiments and emotional attachment which on most cases be cloud right judgment.

The solution is not far fetch, if the cattles in Botswana is a little bit less than the population of humans yet well managed. Then we do not have any excuse. If we have an intensive grazing reserves, it will not allow forestall crisis, it may also generate revenues as tourist centers when properly managed. 

Even the young fulani boys that are constantly exposed to danger are supposed to be in school, yet because some elite see them as cheap means of labour, and a way to evade tax, they will stop at nothing to make sure this beautiful project doesn't see the light of the day. It is now the responsibility of a serious government to ensure they comply.

Press: What are you doing currently?

Arogundade: I am currently serving my country in Ibadan, Oyo state as a Corp's member. I am also the MD of Prime-Stone Educational Consult. 

 Press: Thanks for sparing your time.

Arogundade: it's an honour Sir. 

Thank you for reading this interview. Feel free to share with Others and post on your prestigious platforms. 

If posted, kindly give Credit to Unibadan Efiwe. Thanks and God Bless. 

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