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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

EFIWE GOSSIP: 6 Things That Must End In 2017 | MUST READ!

We would all agree that some people have LIE in their DNA and it eventually became one of their hobbies... But as the year 2017 is about to come to an end, We want to plead with you all to make sure that these 6 things below must end with 2017.

1. For All the girls that use to carry a very big hand bag with everything inside except transport fare.... please let it end with 2017.

2. For those who usually say this "I love you but we can't datettyuuyyyuuu r t t6poo I'll polo shirt uukkiiiojo.. I love you buthclt cut off t truoo N ioo I'm not ready for a relationship now... I love you but...." My brother and sisters, let it end with 2017.

3. All those guys who usually put Snapchat flowers on their head... Edakun, Let it end with 2017

4. "Give me one of your friends now.. the one wey fine like you and no too like money oo" .... That nonsense must end with 2017.

5. One of the Biggest Lies you will ever hear....  "I have told my mummy and sister about you and they can't wait to see you"

 Uncle! this must end with 2017..

6. "My sub has finished, come and send me card" Aunty! this must end in 2017.

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