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Friday, 3 November 2017

EFIWE NEWS: Faculty Of Law, Social Sciences, Sciences, Pharmacy, Public Health, Technology Advances To The Next Round Of Jaw War 2017 #JawWar2017 @jawwar_ui @kingbiodun_

By - Alao Abiodun

The second day of the biggest, largest and best public speaking event continued in grand style as it did record another overwhelming crowd, the faculty of the social sciences large lecture theatre was filled up to its capacity as students trooped out en-masse to support their faculties at the ongoing competition.

The President of the central literary and debating society, Miss Oluwaseun pleaded with the spectators for the unbearable situation of the venue, she urged the students to voice out to the school management to help in provision of a comfortable venue for everyone to enjoy the debate.

It was indeed a very ferocious and intense session as the following faculties did slugged it out with each other; Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Vs Faculty of Arts debated on the importance or "essence of class attendance in tertiary institution", Faculty of Education Vs Public Health spoke on the topic "is torture justified for national security", Faculty of Science Vs Basic Medical Science spoke on "legal restrictions on child birth; a good move", Faculty of Agricultural Science Vs Social Science spoke on the topic "independent candidacy a welcome development", Faculty of Pharmacy Vs Law spoke on the topic "is tertiary education still relevant for excellence", Faculty of Dentistry Vs Technology spoke on the topic "21st century African music; denigrating or edifying".

At the end of the session which was a knockout round, these were the following results; Faculty of Veterinary Medicine 67.4% Vs Faculty of Arts 76.6%, Faculty of Education 76% Vs Public Health 79.67%, Faculty of Science 71.9% Vs Basic Medical Science 64.1, Faculty of Agricultural Science 74.7%  Vs Social Science 75.67%, Faculty of Pharmacy 76.4% Vs Law 81.8%, Faculty of Dentistry 75.2% Vs Technology 81%

The best loser category was awarded to Faculty of Pharmacy, they are expected to face the faculty of the clinical sciences. The best speaker for the day was Olaniyan Dara from Faculty of Law. The faculty of Clinical Sciences were bestowed with preference of automatic Qualification for winning the last year's faculty round Jaw war 2016. The speakers were judged on the basis of appearance, delivery, logic and premise, content and facts, persuasiveness, rebuttal, time management amongst others.

The judges for the day were; Mr. Damilotun Ogunleke, Mr. Olorunfemi Owoyemi, Mr. Goodness Kolawole (Chief Judge), Adeyemi Idowu (Timekeeper), Ojo Nifemi (Score Keeper), in a similar vein the Comperes Miss Elizabeth Nwanrueze and Demo Pumpin anchored the event in a very interesting manner.

The trailer jam session by popular students with the sobriquet Monisola Abeke and Abassment thrilled the spectators with comical jibes. It was indeed another wonderful highlight of the day to relieve the intense atmosphere.

Source: UCJUI

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