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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

EFIWE EXCLUSIVE: It All Started In 200 Level - Student OAP TizzleNation, Reveals More In New Interview

 Anthony Dim popularly known as OAP Tizzle Nation is a Student of the Department of English at Nigeria's premier University. He is also a Model, Singer, compere, newscaster, professional voice over artiste, official video jockey for JDETV, a student owned TV in Unibadan, instrumentalist ,orator, Football commentator, news reporter but most importantly an On Air personality of which he is popularly known for.

Anthony is the convener of Unibadan On Air personalities which have  helped both practicing and aspiring On air personalities in the university community become better informed about the trade and even giving some Opportunities to start a career in the mainstream media.

He has hosted the biggest OAPs in town for online interviews and media chat with the team. Thus, bringing aspiring OAP'S closer to their dreams as some of them got Opportunities to be mentored by these veteran OAPs.

He is presently "Radio king" for Raypower 95.1fm Ibadan having won the keenly contested prize which had Students across most Western States all competing for earlier this year, January 2017 to be precise.

More so, Anthony is presently an On Air personality with the newly established THIRTY TWO FM 94.9 which is to start transmission come the 6th of November 2017 having spent one year with PETALS FM 102.3fm Ibadan as an On Air personality.

He is also a two time Honorable member of the Faculty of Arts Legislative Council, University of Ibadan of which He is presently the Deputy Speaker of that same council currently.

He is one of the youngest enterprising OAPs in Oyo state mostly loved for his deep wonderful voice on radio.

WOUWO Host, Barrack Opayne 

In a chat with WOUWO Host, Barrack Opayne, Thirty Two FM OAP, Anthony revealed how the journey about being an OAP started and also talked about his plans for aspiring OAPs in Oyo State. Read Full Interview below;

Can We Meet You? 

I am Anthony Dim, most folks know me as OAP Tizzlenation while some just Tizzle. I'm glad to be here. Thank you

OAP TizzleNation Vs Sean Tizzle CEO Tizzle Nation, what do you have to say about this? 

I know right.. Well apparently many of asked me why Tizzle Nation especially wen you put in to cognizance the eminent presence of Sean Tizzle, who's the CEO of Tizzle Nation.

However, I have my reasons for deciding to bear that alias. I use to love Sean Tizzle and I also loved his Music so Some of my friends started calling me Tizzle, felt it was not a bad Alias for Tony so I adopted it.

As for the Nation, I am in to many things.. So I need a name which would holistically cover all I do even if I planned to go into business so nation was right there and I also picked that.

How did your journey to being an OAP start?

Well apparently am an MC so I anchor programs here and there but the break through came via a program I ANCHORED in Zik Hall.

It was ZIK Connect, a program organized for Alumni of the Hall to meet with undergraduates. It was also an award ceremony so we had distinguished guest from the states  and across the country. 

There was someone who was to read the citation for one of the key note speakers so when I called the person up, He was no where to be found. 

The speaker was like okay I should not worry that He would just speak without the citation being read. Well I refused and decided to read it myself.

So after the program, He called me and showed his gratitude and also commended me on how I organized the program.. There and then we exchanged numbers.

Later that night, I chatted him up and we kept talking.. So he asked me if I was up to any other thing I said no for now but I wud love to move on to Radio and TV. 

He asked me if I could deliver if given a chance I affirmed. So He told me to send a voice note talking about anything at all. Which I did. Unknowingly I never knew He was a cousin to the Head of Sports at Petals FM. 

So, He called and told me how wowed He was after listening to it. He then sent the voice note to the guy at Petals FM. 

So I was called from Petals FM that my presence was needed for an interview that Everyone who heard the Voice note wanted to really see me audition again in the recording studio.

So I prepared for the interview.. On a Friday morning, I got a text from the Head of Sports at Petals. In the text, He told me He listened to the voice note over and over again and felt I did not need an interview that I should join him on radio that morning.

I was really shocked and scared cause I didnt even know what to think. I was scared it was coming too early but I encouraged myself thanks to my floor mates and roomies who pushed me forth so I went and for the first time I went on air. Trust me I dnt know what happened but according to the man, He hugged me and told me I killed the show.

He said I sounded like I was the one who brought him on the show and that was how the journey began. 

From that day I never looked back.. He gave me some money after the program and told me to come the following day so that's how it started. I was in 200 Level then Second Semester precisely.. Thank you.

Wow 200 Level, how then have you been able to marry working with Petals then with the rigour of literary studies in the premier Faculty?

It was difficult I must say. Well, one thing helped me and that was the fact that I had a good relationship with most of my lecturers. 

I missed classes a lot so I decided to tell them. I told some of my lecturers, they were so happy for me and advised me. Some will even tune in when am On air atimes and tell me their reservations later when We see so I practically doubled up. My night was for my books and my day partially to Radio and classes.

And also God was faithful I must say. I won't rule that out, He helped me. I had to face my reality and be responsible for it. There was no how I would tell my parents I failed because of Radio so I used my brains to balance the both.

Once it was two weeks to exams, Petals FM would give me break to go prepare for my exams.. So preparing for exams I doubled up my reading.. Thank you.

You are already a blown OAP in Ibadan, how do you keep a "student personality" among your colleagues? That you are even the DSP of your Faculty knowing fully well that you are an executive student because you are already getting paid. 

One thing I tell myself is before becoming an OAP, I was a student and still is and I always reminded myself that. It was and is still difficult to keep that Student personality but I always try atimes. 

I involved my self in group readings Infact to make sure I was not totally straying from the primary identity I have. Atimes I tell my senior colleagues to call me a student OAP I prefer that because it does show who I really am. 

No matter how exposed I get, am still a student with a matric number. More so I was also very involved with Student politics in my bio you would see that I served at the level of the Faculty of Arts Legislative Council last year as an Honorable member and this year as the Deputy Speaker so I involved myself in things related with my primary identity which is my Studentship and this gave me a good connect with school Life. Thank you.

From your explanation of how you got to Petals FM, won't they say you slied by porting to Thirty Two FM? 

Well that's It bro, it's not my fault. It's the nature of the Industry, movement is a sure phenomenon.. It re occurs all the time majority of On Air personalities didn't stay in one place most of them moved to where they are and will still move if the tides turn. 

I owe Petals FM all the gratitude for giving me a platform. Infact I could remember that I had  wanted to move to Lagelu FM at some point actually I was offered a job there with some good money for a student OAP. I really wanted to move but one of the admins told me its not time yet.

He also said I should show some loyalty that even if not for Petals FM, no one would have known me. It caused a lot of issues then my GM was really pissed that Lagelu FM wanted to use money to take away someone they discovered.. 

Infact I agreed to join Lagelu FM, I was to resume work the next week but the Head of Sports who gave me a chance on radio told me one thing. He said; 

There is a kind of money you collect which will shut down your career and that got me scared so I changed my mind and stayed. 

He told me when the time is right, no one would tell me it will be glaring I need to leave.. So I guess that time is now, it came at the right time with the right offer. Everything was just perfect.

It was time to take a new turn which I did boldy it was not a good news for Petals but no one can hold a station to ransom, a station will always move on. If Splash fm can move on after the exist of Edmund Obilo who was One rock then who am I. Thank you

What's the fate of UI Students/graduates that are OAP in the daily expanding competitive Ibadan Radio business? 

Well apparently, a bright future awaits them. It's all about how bad the student or graduate wants it. It's a very difficult industry and gets more crazier by the day. 

Every station wants quality even if they can't pay for it. Although, I feel that UI students still need to do more especially in dominating the Radio space with due respect to other OAPs from other schools in Oyo State. 

This is the premier university, we should have a very good stint in whatsoever happens in the city.

Also, one thing which I hope changes is the fact that veteran OAPs who are uites are not really doing much to assist upcoming or aspiring ones which I feel is a discord which I hope to connect back. 

One thing about the industry is Referrals, it's so important for a veteran OAPs to say okay I know this person try him or her out in this position, it's a big lift. 

You can be very good but Once the right persons are not listening and assisting you.. It might take you a while to breakthrough..

So the future is bright especially for UI students undergraduates to be precise.. That's why I am taking UNIBADAN ON AIR PERSONALITIES FORUM AS A SERIOUS PROJECT BECAUSE IN 4 YEARS TIME UNIBADAN CAN HAVE ONE OF ITS STUDENT IN AT LEAST EVERY RADIO STATION.  Thank you

Do you have any plans for aspiring UI students that wants to be OAPs? 

Yes sir I do, it's being a burden from day one.. I have always felt that We have got what it take to dominate the radio space in Oyo State.

  While I was an OAP with Petals, I had lots of people DM ME asking how they could also do what I was doing, some would beg that they are also very talented and just needs a platform to showcase.

So I saw great zeal in some students to also take this path of mine so apparently after I won a radio competition organized by Ray Power FM in January this year I opened a Whatsapp platform I titled Unibadan OAPs. 

I felt I didn't need to become so popular and wealthy to help. so I opened it for practicing and aspiring On air personalities in UI although just few, very few of us were practicing so I needed to unite everyone both the rookies and those with some experience. 

So what we do on this platform is practically things that will help one another become better in the trade. When I started, I would bring up topics on radio broadcasting and we would discuss so information was what I supplied to the students in addition to the little experience I had. 

So as time went on, I thought of hosting VETERAN OAPs,  if not veteran but very successful OAPs on the page to come talk about the profession and what it entails. I felt the students needed to hear personally from this OAPs they see as big People so it was an interview and media chat.. 

Then at the end of each interview, the Guest OAP gets to ask a question the fastest and most correct gets an opportunity to meet The OAP in person and gets to join him or her on radio.

It was a plan I Ochestrated to help younger ones get closer to thier dreams and aspirations. Infact, some of the guest OAPs decided to personally mentor these Students and monitor their progress. 

It wasn't easy getting this Big OAPs on the page cause some of them will tell you they  can't release their numbers and all but after series of talks I succeed in persuading them.. 

So we have had the likes of Wale Ozolua of THEBEAT FM, Folakemi MIGHTY of Naija FM, Myspyce of splash, Afouda of Splash and Lagelu now with Thirty Two FM, RONKE GIWA of Splash too.. So many I can't count.

And every time we have these interviews, it's always fantastic. The students have a lot to learn on how to develop their talents and what is needed for them to break through. More so few gets to take a step in making a career for themselves which I felt was needed.. The discussions were not enough, there needed to be more which I fought for..

There is a lady named Shade, who is with petals FM, young and talented.. this scheme gave her that chance, Afouda is mentoring the likes of MC Wheelyems and many others have necessary contacts that can help them which ordinarily might be difficult for them to get.

So the scheme has done well and hope to do more.. We are planning a workshop come December were all the OAPs we have hosted on the whatsapp platform will come live. Thank you. 

Tell Us about Thirty Two FM? 

Talking about Thirty Two FM, it's a humor themed radio station the first of its kind in Nigeria.

What this means is that in eery programming that runs on the station shoud make you happy, smile or laugh. 

Some would be asking why Thirty Two, Why that Name? Well, let me help you... Looking at the theme of the Station, different names were looked at which will suit the ideology of the station so Thirty Two stepped in.

When you smile and laugh something shows and that's your teeth so that option was adopted..And we have got Fantastic programs and skits that will blow your minds away. 

For lovers of Music, we have got you covered. For lovers of Sports, we are bringing something entirely new to Ibadan city so it's a new dawn of radio broadcasting..

 I can't say enough, all I can say is just stayed locked on the dial and we will turn your world around.

Audience: Please, kindly ask the guest; what makes Him a Unique On Air Personality?



THEN MY SPONTANEITY I DON'T HAVE TO WRITE DOWN WHAT TO SAY once the mic is one I flow with my Listeners.  

Although, I plan for my programs well especially if it's a program which will need me to give out statistics and figures..

Are you into any Relationship or just Single? If single what are the reasons?

S I N G L E. I can't cope with the stress of Radio, my Books and a woman.. Ladies want all the attention they can get and I don't have that in good quantity.

Game Time Session; That Yoruba Girl
Ronke Giwa

Arrange into


Take Home to Mama
One night Stand. 

RONKE GIWA - Take Home to Mama
That Yourba Girl - One Night Stand.

Thank you for reading this Interview. Feel free to share with Others and post on your prestigious platforms. 

If posted, kindly give credit to Unibadan Efiwe and WOUWO. Thanks and God bless you. 

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