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Monday, 13 November 2017

EDITORIAL: Gee Jokes And Sultan Beef? Another Set Of Attention Seekers!

On the beef between UI Entertainers, Sultan and Gee Jokes, below is what our Editor has to say.

University of Ibadan is a very large community, why would anyone say He or She is the biggest entertainer in the University, its uncalled for because there are a lot of students who have amazing talents just that they haven't gotten the platform to showcase it. 

 Sultan and Gee Jokes came in different ways, one as a Comedian while the other as a Music act and UI students saw they had  unique talents and gave them the full support they needed to get to this very stage so I don't know why the duo are beefing each other. 

They are both into Entertainment but not in the same field of Entertainment. Gee Jokes is into Comedy while Sultan is doing Music so why Beefing? 

If Sultan said He was the Biggest Artiste and Gee Jokes said He was the Biggest Comedian, there's nothing bad in that. The two of them can be Kings in their own field but One of them claiming to be the Biggest Entertainer in UI is just a waste of time. 

Even if its a beef between Sultan and another artiste and He (Sultan) claims to be the King of Music, someone else can be the Emir or Ooni of Music in UI. Grooming Entertainment in UI is like building a Nation and anyone can hold any title. 

If it was a beef between Sultan and another artiste or Gee Jokes with another comedian, I would welcome it but on this issue.... All I can say is that they are Attention Seekers. 

There are lots Of Comedians and Artistes in UI that have got great talents, don't want to mention names. I admit they are famous  and good at what they do but they shouldn't let that get into their heads. Being famous is overrated. 

I love good music and hilarious jokes and if you can deliver that, I respect you a lot because its not easy to do stuffs. 

Gee Jokes and Sultan are among the numerous entertainers that are making sure Entertainment in University of Ibadan get better and their works are well appreciated by their fans but they shouldn't carry that on their head like Wyclef. 

Enough of the Beef, Gee Jokes and Sultan! The Sky is big enough for everyone to fly without our wings touching each other. Let's stay United and not Divided! 

Feel free to criticize this article, Send message to +2348132306136 or mail [email protected]

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