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Sunday, 15 October 2017

EFIWE GOSSIP: You Contested For SU President In 2013 And Lost, Who Told You I'm Responsible For Your Misfortune - Proff P Replies Opebiyi Abiodun

NUESA'18 Aspirant, Adegbuyiro Precious aka Proff P who was called out days ago for embezzlement of funds while He was the SUG Welfarer at Federal College Of Education, Abeokuta has responded to the viral article posted by Facebook User, Opebiyi Abiodun Olawunmi. 

In response to the Open Letter written by Opebiyi, Proff P revealed that Opebiyi paraded himself to be his political godfather but He rejected his offer becaus he wanted to deliver his campaign promises.

Adegbuyiro Precious aka Proff P

Opebiyi Abiodun

He also said that "He (Opebiyi) published a book titled TOPICAL ISSUES IN STUDENTS UNIONISM AND THE ROOT CAUSE OF SOCIAL VICES IN NIGERIA TERTIARY INSTITUTIONS and wanted me to make the book compulsory to FCE Students to purchase which I declined."

Read what Proff P posted eight hours ago via his official Facebook page, sharing evidences of his clearance and results.

All writing propaganda against me, especially Opebiyi Abiodun.  

My offences
He paraded himself to me to be my political godfather which I vehemently rejected because I have to deliver on my campaign promises.Opebiyi requested to handle the contract of producing photo albums, I told him to pass through the right procedure by presenting his proposal for ratification and recommendation to the Honourable house then but luck was against him. 

He told me he published a book titled TOPICAL ISSUES IN STUDENTS UNIONISM AND THE ROOT CAUSE OF SOCIAL VICES IN NIGERIA TERTIARY INSTITUTIONS and he wanted me to make the book compulsory to students to purchase which i declined. 
For God's sake, is it a crime to act uprightly? Well, i guess his believed is that i contributed to his misfortunes in life. What exactly is my offense? You said I embezzled money because i can't afford to give you money when you had problem with the school management ( when you were mandated to return about 200,000 you embezzled before you can collect your result).  
All the story he fabricated against me happened to him. He graduated 2014 but collected his result 2016 after refunding the money he owed the Union. The institution is still there for confirmation.  
He contested for Students Union President in 2013, but lost the election? Who is that prophet that told you I was responsible for your misfortunes and loss? Why do you think making and constructing propagandas against me to fail in the election is self righteous cause? 

If truly your claims about me embezzling the union's money were true, why did the school management allow me to graduate and have my result the same year i graduated? Opebiyi, if you are not a an hypocrite come on social media to show those you want to misguide when you finished graduated and when you were cleared. 
I'm not political beggar like you who always demand for money just because you support a candidate. Do you know how many times security have sent you away from school? Because you are constituting nuisance in the school environment?  
Do you know how many gross misconduct cases you have in the security department? Opebiyi, I will never, I mean never pray to be as useless and undisciplined as you.Those that you are working for at NUESA U.I will use you and dump you as usual and you will continue to always be a tools for satanic agenda.  

NUESA people are intelligent people, they are not  dense and dump like you. Those that love me asked questions, I showed them evidence of my clearance, and result including other documents you lied about.  
I really Appreciate the good people of NUESA every one that showed concern. Thanks to my friend who invited Opebiyi to U.I on Friday to find out the truth and for not crucifying me before the truth.
   For more information and evident wait still my manifesto night. ADEGBUYIRO PRECIOUS ASEDAYO IS MY NAME, PROFF P TRANSPARENTLY TREASURE NUESA '18

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