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Thursday, 12 October 2017

EFIWE GOSSIP: I Don't Have A Boo - DJ Cuppy, Admits To Breaking Up With Victor Anichebe

She had called him a fool and then shared a footage of him exiting their hotel dragging his luggages as she hurled hurtful words at him, calling him, her cool ex and friend, which the 29-year-old Lagos born striker laughed off.

They came together one last time, the lovers two, to throw shade at the reports calling it baseless. While Anichebe dropped on our page to state he was never in Dubai, the popular DJ shared a photo giving many hope, but despite the last stand, Cuppy and Anichebe didn't come out of their fight for love as Victors.

While promoting her coming single with Tekno, Cuppy admitted to leaving Victor due to their distance. In her own words;

"I literally do not have a boo. I and Victor are not together anymore. The picture I put up recently was a picture of us when we were together. We are still friends. People find it so weirdo"

 "I feel like we just...He lives in China, I moved here. Time difference. It was really difficult. Anyone that knows footballers know that their schedules are crazy and my schedule is also crazy. So it was just difficult but he is such a great guy", She said.

So for the record, here is an untagged footage of how Cuppy threw out and lost her Victor.

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