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Saturday, 7 October 2017

EFIWE GOSSIP: Caroline Danjuma Confirms Report Of Her Romantic Relationship With Late Tagbo and Cause of Death

Nigerian actress, Caroline Danjuma has come out to give more details of what truly lead to the death of late Tagbo. In a tell all interview with SDK, Caroline revealed that all evidence and eyewitness claim Tagbo died after 50shots of Tequila during a drinking game organised by Davido.

Narrating her reaction upon hearing about Tagbo's death from a friend, Caroline said;

I sent the sister a message that i heard Tagbo was dead and she should help me find out if it was true.The sister replied asking ”how when and where” and then i knew that she was unaware.

So i decided to call my neighbour who was also Tagbos friend and my neighbour who was holidaying in Lebanon called me back and said that there was a bet of 200k and that Tagbo drank about 50 shots of tequila and i said that cannot be true.

He comes from a very wealthy background so he does not need that kind of bet, he is not hungry for that.I was shattered to hear such a news

Every time we called Davidos team and mentioned tagbos name they would drop the phone on and this was what they had also done to anyone who called and mentions his name.

Davido knew and his crew knew Tagbo was dead as at 3a.m in the morning and they did not contact anyone, Davidos PA Lati knows where Tagbo stay but did not go to the house to inform anyone.

After we had that Tagbos body was in Lagos island Davidos crew refused to give any info and this was about past 7pm.

I contacted someone who remembers seeing Davido and tagbo and DNA and remembers there was a fight. This person also told me there was a bet and said the same thing my neighbour said but said 30 shots and not 50.

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