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Sunday, 15 October 2017

EFIWE GISTS: I Was Made For This - 24year-old Vader Wins 4th Season Of Hennessy VS Class

Six weeks of lyrical “dopeness” and intense bars came to a crescendo yesterday as 24 year old Franklyn Ikemefuna - stage name VADER- earned the bragging rights as Nigeria’s hottest MC by winning the 4th season of Hennessy Artistry’s VS Class.

Speaking on emerging as the winner of the 4th Season of Hennessy VS Class, VADER said

“I feel I had to lose in order to win and I sincerely appreciate the Class Master, Vector. He has always been a mentor, every time I see him, there is always something to learn. I was built for this type of competition. I was made for this”.

He now has an album deal with ARISTOKRAT records and will undergo an intense one year mentorship with the Class Master Vector the Viper, who will work with him to hone his craft on the album.

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