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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

EFIWE EXCLUSIVE: We Want To Celebrate The Public Speaking Dexterity In Different Contributions Of Speakers - Central L&D UI PRO, A.H Yekeen Talks More About Jaw War 2017

In anticipation for Jaw War 2017, Unibadan Efiwe brings to your screen, an exclusive interview with the Public Relations Officer of the Central Literary and Debating Society,  Ayọ̀mídé Habeeb Yekeen (A.H Yekeen) as He talks more about the forthcoming JAW WAR 2017 with WOUWO's Host, Zenas.

Revealing the Theme for Jaw War 2017, Yekeen said "This Year, TLDS will come up twith more defined awards for performance as opposed to previous years, because we intend to celebrate the Public speaking dexterity in different contributions of Speakers. We also made spieeches globalized, to increase the research and competitiveness.

 The theme for this year is: Answers to Global Questions." 

Read Full Interview below;

Welcome sire, Without wasting much of the time.. We are going into the interview proper which is centered on this forthcoming JAWWAR 2017

Firstly, we would like to know how you made it enroute to being the PRO of the Central Literary and Debating Society.

Thank you, to start with I have always been passionate about Public speaking, being a Rookie last year, I wanted to expand my oratorical horizon and confidence.

There was no better way than to be a member of a Literary and Debating society, so I joined Faculty of Law LnD as well as Lord Tedder Hall LnD. 

 When second semester came, and it was time for new Executives, being a person who loves to serve in various capacity and responsibilities, I took the opportunity to take a position in the society I adore. 

The election came and I won my opponent in a landslide victory from the votes of Senators of the 23 constituencies in UI then, I became Public Relations Officer Of The Literary and debating Society University of Ibadan.

Wow, so cool. We would like to know your opponent sire?

No victor, no vanquished! But his name is Falade Emmanuel from Social Science and Indy LnD societies.

Indy! No victor, no vanquished... Buhari said that too... But we all know the vanquished. As a core member and executive of the L and D, 
We would like you to shed a little bit light on the historical background of JAWWARS

Put differently, what gave birth to JAWWAR?
B... Why the name "jaw war" and not just "debate" or any other name.

C.. We would like to know as well who coined the name JAWWAR..

Jaw War is a Debate Competition that goes way back to some years ago when even records of winners have been lost. But the competition was revived about three years ago in the year 2014 under the administration of Dr. Isaac Olufadewa. Ever since, it has been the biggest public speaking event for faculties and Halls. So far Lord Tedder Hall has won the inter Hall competition Twice out of the three years back to back 2014 and 2015 we merely stepped aside in 2016.

B) What better way to describe the battle of  words, facts and Logic and fiery delivery yet humane 😉

C) Not sure, but the name was existing long before it was revived. Before then, some individuals such as Tijani Mayowa, Amanambu Amoebi and Dr. Isaac, championed the cause before revival to renew the Jaw war tradition.

 Hmm, let me aim one slight dig at the L and D then, It does not have its archives and it does not document events which are not supposed to be... I believe the PRO - Sir Yekeen will see to this. The JAWWAR 2016 is still fresh in the minds of many...

Can you highlight the problems attached to last year's event and what has been put in place to avert a recurrences? 

When the Union was proscribed in 2001, documents were lost,  but when TLDS was  revived in 2014 they had to depend on Oral accounts of witnesses of Jaw war, Student Information Handbook and scraps of Documents from some individuals who tried to revive it before 2014.

 Now, there has been a well documented archive ever since. The problems I feel the last administration had was venue, because it was too crowded or there was poor sound. 

However, this year, Social Science LLT remains the most suitable and less expensive to run Venue, so we will still use it this year, we cannot control the loving crowd...Unless the VC decides to magnanimously give ICC for the event.

Audience: What is the plan for TRAILER JAM this year?

It  has always been fun, so we hope to revive it, few individuals are in mind to have a similar experience as the comic relief of Teejay of Life, we hope this trend continues and someone like Abassement or other Humorous fellows will help spice the event up.

Good so far, Sir Yekeen, what special ingredient are we expecting this year, to spice up the broth...Any special package???

Year after year, the intensity of Speeches heightens, so this year, we expect more action from speakers, trust me it will be lit. Before Jaw war this year on the 21st we will have a training for Uites on public speaking, this will give a glimpse into what to expect this year be there!

"Winter is here and the Speech walkers are at hand" Credit: Nifesi and Seun(TLDS Excos)

Sire, Are you telling us now that Faculty of the Social Sciences LLT is what will be used throughout for this year's JAWWAR?

Except the final, Yes sir! Jaw war final is inevitably going to hold in Trenchard Hall.

From your first paragraph, "...we expect more action from the speakers..." What should speakers too, more directly, potential winners expect from you sire?

This Year, TLDS will come up twith more defined awards for performance as opposed to previous years, because we intend to celebrate the Public speaking dexterity in different contributions of Speakers. We also made spieeches globalized, to increase the research and competitiveness.

 The theme for this year is: Answers to Global Questions.

 Last year, Awolowo hall - largest in Unibadan and as people would have it, west Africa at large - pulled out of the competition last year by giving a "no-show" for the return leg against Lord Tedder hall... Shed more light on the antecedent, action and consequent of that action? 

I am well informed of this event, but I will only give  a few details on this, as it has become a buried issue. However, I am well aware that a disciplinary action was taken against the parties who caused the rancour by the previous adminstration and we really hope such incidents will not occur.

It doesn't seem to Uites that any worthy or just disciplinary action was taken against the bottom line of the ruckus... Would you argue that the penalty delivered to the said parties tally with the magnitude of their uncalled for actions???
 Besides, what was the punishment melted out to them???

Host Sir, I am not at liberty to discuss an issue from the last administration. To give an insight, I will suggest the past Excos are contacted

Can the TLDs lobby for ICC as Trenchard can't accommodate the expected audience for the Final? 

In answering this, I will like to state that we can push for the use of ICC. However, if some of us were observant at the last Jaw war final, when the talk of its use was raised, he shook his head vehemently. I am an optimist, so I believe we can convince the VC.

In the absence of anymore question,
I will like to thank our guest for tonight for making out time for this interview and also, for providing "manna" from which some will benefit... Thank you sire

About A.H Yekeen

Ayọ̀mídé Habeeb Yekeen (A.H Yekeen) is a 300 level student of the Faculty of Law, University of Ibadan. He is a prolific writer, a Poet,  and Public Speaker.  He is the Public Relations officer of the Literary and debating Society, University of Ibadan, Member of Tedder Hall literary and debating Society Executives, Member of Law literary and Debating society,  Editor in Chief NAMLAS,  PRO TIMSAN UI,  member of Moot and Mock society, Faculty of Law, General Secretary Tedder Hall Mosque management committee, active member of Lumen society, Student Council on Legal Aid(SCOLA) and an Honourable in the Law Students Representative Council(LSRC).

He is a Pragmatist as he believes theories are to be tested as none holds true in completeness for problem solving. Instead any can be adopted for momentary success to be achieved, as circumstances and facts prevail.

Are You ready for Jaw War 2017? (Stand Up, Speak Up, Shut Up)

Thank you for reading this interview. Feel free to share with colleagues. Also, kindly give full credit to WOUWO and Unibadan Efiwe if posted on your prestigious platforms. Thanks and God Bless. 

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