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Friday, 15 September 2017

EFIWE GOSSIP: Tunde Ednut Attacks Me Because I Refused To Date Him - Bobrisky, Takes Shot At InstaBlog9ja @instablog9ja @bobrisky222 @tundeednut

In a series of video clips posted via his official gram page, Okunleye Idris popularly known as Bobrisky reveals why Comedian/singer, Tunde Ednut always attack him on social media.

In his words, Bobrisky said;
Hi guys, this is Bobrisky, number one Osheyy baddest. Okay there's this viral picture have been seeing on the internet. Got to know that the post was from Tunde ednut. As we all know, Tunde ednut has no future. We don't know if He's a comedian, singer or an artiste because He sing but his song no blow. The guy do comedian but he no blow. I think what Tunde ednut does now is to laugh at people, pick people picture.

We all know that Tunde ednut page is always boring so whenever He wants to make his page busy, Tunde would look for my picture probably go and edit it or something so the picture would go viral. That guy has no sense and the only reason why Tunde ednut is on my case. Lemme tell you guys today. One time Early last year, HE TOASTED ME!. (laughing.) I know its very funny. And I was like wtf is this and he said he's Tunde. And I remember the gist that one time he was deported from London so I was like Oga. I blocked him up.

Ever since then, this guy has been on my case. Anyway its okay then my skin is so lovely. Nothing happens to Bobrisky.

Taking shots at @instablog9ja He said; 'As for you Instablog9ja I don't know if its a guy or a girl behind that fuvking page. But we all know that you don't find out the truth before you post on your page because you want attention. I don't need to blame you because that's what you do for a living. Its called HUSTLE. Keep promoting Bobrisky. Keep promoting the number one osheyy baddest. @instablog9ja followers all of you, you have CHOCO on your head. Sometimes when I'm less busy, I go through the comment section and its so annoying to know that there are still some jobless people in Nigeria. I know your problems I would try and talk to the President, Muhammadu Buhari.

NB: the words above was transcribed from the full video clip shared on @bobrisky222 page.

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