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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

EFIWE GOSSIP: Ogun Kee You - Skuki Peeshaun Gives Epic Reply To Twitter User | See What Happened! @skukipeeshaun @tayomi_

Twitter user, Tayomi @tayomi_ got an epic reply from Peeshaun of Skuki for calling him out on social media because He wore an expensive jacket worth £429.99 twice.

Tayomi tweeted;
@skukipeeshaun you wore the same jacket in August, you wearing it again in Sept. #smh

With Peeshaun taking no chill pill, He replied Tayomi's tweet with an epic response which reads;

That jacket cost me £429.99 (207,000Naira), and you expect me to wear it once? Ogun kee you!

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