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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

EFIWE GISTS: Mind Your Own Business - Nigerian Comedian, Okon Lagos To P-Square's Fans @okonlagos @peterpsquare @rudeboypsquare

Nigerian comedian, Ime Bishop Umoh  popularly known as Okon has advised P-Square's fans on social media to 'Mind their own business'  or express their sentiment and feelings to them via a direct message instead of mudslinging the twin brothers (Peter & Paul).

Hours ago, He (Okon) shared a picture of the duo via his gram page and wrote;

A little misunderstanding and quarrel is sometimes a way maker for a deeper sense of understanding. Let them be. Don't judge them. U can't be more Catholic than the Pope. These guys love each other more than u can perceive. If the ship of their relationship is stormy now, it's just a matter of time, it will be calm. Stop mudslinging them. Whether or not they brought their personal trash into the prying eyes of the social media, that's immaterial. You can show more apt and understanding by expressing your sentiment and feelings via a DM to them. Mind your business and stop aggravating this ish here on social media. #bloodisthickerthanzobo #okonlagos #okonrepublic #iyammi #chisos

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