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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

EFIWE GOSSIP: If Your Husband Ask For A DNA Test And You Know The Kids Ain't His, Pa Danu (Kill Him) - Facebook User

A Facebook user named Mama Denzel wrote on her timeline, advising her fellow women to kill their husbands anytime He request for a DNA test and they are certain the kids aren't for him.

In a quest to teach men a lesson, she gave the bad' advice, which reads;

Dear women, if your hubby asks for a DNA test and you know the kids ain't his, pa danu. Kill him and enjoy life.

These same men will rent an apartment for a girl, pay her monthly salary, buy her a car and keep her tushed up while he will refuse to buy you a car and clothes.

These men should be taught lessons. I won't cheat on you oh, I'd rather masturbate. But if I ever get proof that you are cheating , I will seduce and sleep with your close friends on my fertile period without condom and bring their children for you to train. Stupid men especially politicians.

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