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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

EFIWE GOSSIP: Ojo Aderemi Never Used Me - Temmy Gista

Following the sudden "backing off" of some of the suspended Students Union executives against the president, Ojo Aderemi,  Temmy Gista, a close friend of Deremi says most individuals talking about him lack the objectivity to understand the issue going on currently in the Union.

According to report, it was said that the president, Ojo Aderemi abandoned a meeting with the Vice Chancellor of the University concerning the restoration of the Union for a speech at the Lagos State University.

Temmy Gista wrote via a WhatsApp group page, insisting that the SU President never used him  and nobody forced him to put up all the Facebook posts he posted recently.

Minutes ago, He wrote;

You're right that I've been indicted in most of the comment so far and that I'm aware of.
But I won't be saying anything now because most individuals here lack the objectivity here to understand whatever is ongoing.

Most individuals need this to propagate their already formed notion about Ojo or the Union leadership under him.
When I relay my positions to the Excos and closely knitted individuals that I respect and have laboured with, I'll release my write-up.

NB: No one forced me to put up my post on Facebook, days back.

Also, I try not to criticize until I understand the details and motives for them taking such decision.

Bottom Line: I'm not holding forth for Ojo, neither will I cover up any wrong doing him... Until I understand the agitation on ground.

This writeup above made him (Temmy Gista) and NUESA Editor-in-Chief, Alao Abiodun popularly known as Jega make some comments on the WhatsApp group, revealing that Gista is on a trending list from the inaugural speech he forwarded to many other events that preceded it.

See more below via screenshot

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