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Saturday, 3 June 2017

EFIWE GOSSIP: Students React To "Anti Crime" Patrol Van Parked At Students' Union Building, UI #OlayinkaMisFit

Following the indefinite suspension of the Students' Union, the Kunle Adepeju Building has been placed under lock by the University management.

Also, an "Anti Crime" Patrol van was parked at SUB since the Students' Union was suspended days ago. Students of the University has reacted to the abandoned patrol van, currently occupying space and safeguarding the building.

Hours ago, a Facebook user posted;

At a point before our noble VC in his infinite wisdom sent us home, theft cases were common but then, the "ANTI CRIME" patrol vans were always at the security unit doing nothing but occupying space while students did the job of catching thieves by themselves. However, now that  students have been sent away and the Students' Union building has been placed under lock, look at what we have. A standby "ANTI CRIME" patrol van which was stationed to safeguard what!!! An empty building??? Oh Commonsense, where art thou?

While reacting to this posted, Students wrote;

Its quite sad and unfortunate. This van has been here since the day the Union was announced suspended. My question is: For what purpose?

In reply, another Student wrote;

For the perfect (007)James Bond administration..... Mtsheeeeeee... #letOurGenerationReceiveCommonSense

See more reactions via Screenshot!

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