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Thursday, 29 June 2017

EFIWE GOSSIP: Phyno Doesn't Know I Still Have Messages Of Him Begging Me To Buy Him Gucci - Hushpuppi Replies @hushpuppi @phynofino

Few minutes after Phyno replied Hushpuppi's diss about the "Connect" crooner and Ice Prince rocking fake wrist watches, Gucci Ambassador, Hushpuppi without any chill pill, wrote;

Phyno don't know I still have messages of nigga sending when he visited Malaysia to come and buy Gucci for him.

Recall that, while replying Hushpuppi's diss, Phyno revealed He bought a house for his mum and also got her a car but never posted or bragged about it.  He wrote on Snapchat;

I know this cow wants to be relevant so bad but pls... Don't try it with me, I'm the wrong person.

Ive got in my house.. Never posted it. Bought a house for my mummy.. Never posted it.
Got her a car on her birthday last 2years... Never posted it.

We not on the same level mate. You live and die for Gucci... I will leave and die for my people...the hunger is different here man.  I represent a full continent, nation, tribe, brands, streets.

What you represent... #hushpuppi.. Gucci?
Lol..learn life man... I inspire you just live for the media.

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