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Thursday, 11 May 2017

EFIWE INTERVIEW: I Wasn't Invited To The Inaugural Ceremony And I Don't Regret Not Attending - UISRC Speaker, Rt. Hon. Onifade A. Bello, Talks More In New Interview @studentsunionui

In an Exclusive Interview, the Speaker of the University of Ibadan Students' Representative Council, Rt. Hon. Onifade A. Bello speaks with Oizah of WOUWO about the celestial Sixth Assembly, the Challenges, Union, Role of the Press in the Union, the encounter between VC and the President, Ojo Aderemi, His expectations from the 7th Assembly and lots more.

When asked a question who would He support as his Successor between ATM who stepped down for him last year and Asiwaju who has been a loyal Chief whip in the Sixth Assembly, He said;

Whether ATM stepped down for me isn't a major criterion for me swing there. Whether Asiwaju is a loyal Chief Whip isn't my concern because his loyalty to me doesn't depict loyalty to the Union. Both are capable.... 

Brought to you by Unibadan Efiwe, Read Full Interview Below

Can We meet you Sir?

I'm Onifade Bello Abdurrahman Olayemi. A native of Ibadan, Oyo State. 400L Department of Library, Archival & Information Studies.

A resident of Great Independence Hall, University of Ibadan ( Katanga Republic)

Who is OBA as far as UISU 6th Tenure is concerned?

I've been serving the SRC 6th Assembly as the Speaker.

Can You tell us about your growing up/background?

I am the last child of a large family; a Muslim Father and a Christian Mum. Both are late now though.

I was born in Lagos wherein I had Basic Education. Thereafter, I got an international scholarship to study at the Prestigious School of Arabic & Islamic Studies, Afikpo, Ebonyi State.

I had my secondary education in the eastern state of Ebonyi for 6-7years.

Growing up wasn't easy but I thank God because we are not where we used to be. Thank you.

We found out that you also schooled in the North, share with Us.

After leaving the east, I relocated to Abuja. I had to study further at the Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa, where I obtained a National Diploma in Library and Information Science with a Distinction grade.

Then I used to work in Abuja and school in Nasarawa because of the proximity of both locations. Thank you.

You were also President in your ND days, How did you manage Presidency and 'distinction'?

Well, it's all about planning and dedication. I had a set goal that after years of struggling to get into tertiary institution, I had no alternative than to make the best. If I was admitted into any, I'd make the best grade.

I love politics and wanted to serve my colleagues in the departmental association. I also doubled then as the Chairman of Congress of Presidents.

Combining both was a matter of prioritizing my goals and ensuring I disciplined myself with time.

And more importantly, God has always been involved. Thank you.

With all of this trait of excellence embedded in you, You wanted to contest for UISU President. Why did you opt for SRC speaker?

I had ambition to the SU Presidency before coming to UI. There were strategic plans to ensure it became a reality. But family issues later influenced the change in plan and I've never regretted that.

How has the Sixth Assembly been so far under your speakership?

The 6th Assembly has been fairing well so far. The Honourables have been trying their best and the leadership has been trying its best to ensure the representation of the interests of Uites is prioritized.

So far so good, we've been trying our best even though our best cannot be enough.

What are the challenges so far? 

The challenges notably are the level of commitment of some members of the SRC and lack of prompt and invaluable information from the Heads of various Constituencies as regards issues affecting them.

For instance, there was a period last year there was a broken sewage in Awo Hall and the leadership of the SRC never got to know until after 4weeks. We acted promptly but it would have been fixed if we had got the information earlier.

I'd like to mention herein that the Speaker is a member of the Welfare Committee as contained in the SU Constitution. 

So if there are issues bothering on welfare and the House Secretary or the President isn't responsive as needed, the Speaker can be beckoned on.

Can You enumerate the successes recorded by the acclaimed celestial Sixth Assembly?

Hmm, We can't enumerate our successes but we are grateful to God. 

Mainly, I'm glad to say that this Assembly has been able to further stimulate the interests of Uites in whatever deliberations we have in the SRC.

 From the 5th Assembly, Uites became more aware that the SRC is extant and our Assembly has appreciated that too.

Although some of our resolutions have been very controversial but we are in the know that it's better to controversial than to be inconsequential.

Successfully, this Assembly has tried to be objective in furthering and defending students' interests. We organized the maiden edition of the SRC Essay Competition to stimulate the intellectual development of students and the best 3 were awarded N50,000.

At the end of the Assembly, we'd enumerate our little achievements.

Any future political aspiration?

None sir. Thank you.

What's your view about the Union?

The Union just like many Unions in our various campuses is ill but cannot be killed. There's need to revivify its spirit as laid by its pioneers at the nascent stage.

Our Union has been infected with diseases like ethno-religious sentiments which have caused more harms

 to us than good.

But there's hope. The vibrancy of the Union is being revamped; at least with the new administration in place. Mainly, what our Union needs is officers who are fearless but not careless; selfless and patriotic and strategic in planning and execution.

Likewise, the Union ought to be remembered always as a composition of Leaders and Followers. Most times, the followers think that their responsibility is to vote and expect some souvenirs that can't have meaningful impact on them.

For our Union to be vibrant, there's dire need for the followers to give maximum supports to their elected officers.

You were once a member of the Press. What do you think about the role of the Press in the Union?

The Press has been doing well save some members who divorce its ethical standards for their egocentric aims.

I think the role of the Press as a Watchdog has been relegated than what I met on campus. Those who know Prof X, Ore Afolayan and co can attest to this.

The Press has to be more objective and support the Union to accentuate the ills within our University System.

Nonetheless, I still believe there are 2 Unions for students on campus, the Students' Union and the Union of Campus Journalists. Their relationship should be mutual for the progress of our Union.

The swearing in: presence, the inaugural speech of the President, encounters between VC and the President. What's your view? 

I was not invited and I don't regret not attending. The inaugural process was planned with clandestine motives some of which I can't divulge herein. From the University Management end per se.

But I read that the President spoke tough. I think that was very nice even though his tough speech infuriated the VC. 

Nevertheless, the tough speech in my humble, has sent a signal that our Union's vibrancy is being rejuvenated. We need it. 

However, the New Union Officers need to be strategic in planning and reeling out their policies.

Your expectations from the 7th Assembly?

I look forward to seeing a 7th Assembly that will make our little efforts insignificant; a 7th Assembly that will make the SRC's deliberations to have meaningful impacts on students.

I hope the Honourables will elect leaders who will be objective in handling issues that affect our Union.

Happenings in UI recently, What's your views? 

The happenings in UI lately call for prayers. The accidents and many to mention but few are indicators that we need to be more concerned about our lives.

Importantly, I think it's time religious bodies employed drivers to handle their vehicles.

 That, in my humble, will curtail the carefree driving by our colleagues. Thank you.

Audience: ATM stepped down for you, Asiwaju is a loyal Chief Whip

Which of the two are you supporting to succeed you? Knowing full well that what establishes one's success is having a good successor.

Those who have shown interest in succeeding my office are capable. They are individuals with abilities. Whether ATM stepped down for me isn't a major criterion for me swing there. Whether Asiwaju is a loyal Chief Whip isn't my concern because his loyalty to me doesn't depict loyalty to the Union.

Both are capable but the newly elected Honourables will give the best man the job to lead them.

What's your plan after school? 

I plan relocating to the north for an academic job. I want to be in the classroom adding to the intellectual bank of our tertiary institutions.

Likewise, I'd like to cook strategic ideas to seeing the emergence of a youthful President for our nation; hence, I plan working underground with youth organizations with credibility and integrity.

Your partian shot and shout out?

Shout out to my Amiable DSP, Iyanujesu; she's been invaluably supportive. I love her to heaven and all my principal officers.

Shout out to all Faculty Presidents and Hall Chairs. They've been very wonderful! I revere them all.

My partian shot:

Life is all about contribution not acquisition; it's all about fulfillment not attainment

Thank you for reading this Interview. Kindly share with Others. Sharing is Caring. 

Also, feel free to post the Interview on your prestigious platforms. If posted, kindly give credit to Oizah of WOUWO and Unibadan Efiwe. Thanks and God Bless. 

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