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Sunday, 28 May 2017

EFIWE NEWS UPDATE: UISU Pres. Ojo Aderemi Leads Other SU Executives Into Senate Chambers, Meeting Currently Ongoing With Management @studentsunionui

According to reports reaching UE, The VC summons SU President, Ojo Aderemi to a meeting currently Ongoing at Senate Chambers.

UISU Pres. Ojo Aderemi Leads other students' Union Executives into the Senate Chambers. 2 security operatives are currently at the Senate door. The Spreaker of the SRC, Rt. Hon Asiwaju is also in the meeting

Students are already converging at the Senate Chambers already, Gyration is about to begin. Mobilization still ongoing.

The Gyration Begins...

Management addresses students briefly.. "We are having meeting here, Aderemi is here, we didn't lock anyone up." - Iroko, Hall Warden

U"Everything is under control, the decision of the Congress will still hold, there's no threat, if I should sell you out, stone me" - Ojo Aderemi

Deputy Dean of Students' Affairs, Dr. Keye Abiona, Hall Warden Zik Hall, Prof. ARA Alada, Dean, Faculty of Education, Prof. M.K Akinsola, CSO University of Ibadan and many others appears outside the Senate Chambers to appeal to the Students to reduce the noise Gyration to let them continue with their meeting.

The students have started another set of drumming and singing. They have started shouting that the meeting with the management should end.

Lol. They advocated that the meeting is taking longer than necessary, since the meeting began by 4:00pm.

But there are still no visible signs that they are going to end the meeting anytime soon, even though, the former Dean of students, Prof Alada has been going in and out of the meeting at the Senate Chambers.

The meeting has finally ended and all the members of the University management are filing out of the Senate Chambers

The union executives are yet to be out and there's no visible sign of the Vice-chancellor too.

P black, a former zik hall chairman, current postgraduate student leaders addresses the agitated students but everyone is shouting "no bobo"

Ojo Aderemi is outside now...

The management will apologize to students and they will tell us where the ID card production stage has reached -  Ojo Aderemi

The members of the senate will address us before we go to the gate - Ojo Aderemi

They revealed certain things to us. There will be an apology to students. A statement on the stage of production of id cards. I was accused of acting a script, that some people are pushing me. The student union is concerned about victimization. They will take special interest in these cases. It is possible the member of the University will address us before we proceed to the main road for protest.

Tomorrow we are converging at the sub foyer at 8 am

Refresh for more updates

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