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Sunday, 7 May 2017

EFIWE NEWS: UI Students React To Olatunji Haleem's Article "Now That They Have Emerged, Who Will Pay The Debt?" | See SCREENSHOTS! @studentsunionui

With the Nifemi-led Administration handing over power to the new Executives set to hold on Monday, Students of the University of Ibadan reacts to an article titled "UISU: NOW THAT THEY HAVE EMERGED, WHO WILL PAY THE DEBT?" Posted by Haleem Limo Olatunji via the official Students' Union page yesterday. 

Read Article below and See Comments via Screenshots.

Haleem Limo Olatunji 

It is about a week now since students of the University of Ibadan decided those who would run the affairs of our dear Union for the next set of months. I am glad, for as it was reported, the election was free and fair. No riot followed, and even just similar to the statement of the then Nigerian Head of State, Yakubu Gowon, after the Civil war, the President-Elect of the Union, Mr. Ojo Aderemi, had declared that "NO LOSER, NO VANQUISHED", implying that every candidate won.

However, since the result of the election was announced, I have been thinking of quite a lot of things as regards our Union. But for now, the major question I need to ask is based on few incidents that occurred during this current administration. 
Madam Vice President,  Aderoju Smallz Okunsanmi, was tagged to have misappropriated  funds during the execution of the Students' Union week. This did not only lead to her impeachment, it also led to Union, owing some certain individuals and organizations, huge amount of money for the goods sold and services rendered, during the SU week. 

Well, you would be glad to know that some parts of the debt have been paid, but I regret to inform you that some people are still being owed, making the Union, under the Emmanuel Ojo Nifemi-led administration, indebted to some of these individuals and organizations.
Now considering the information that the current executive members will be handing over power to a new set of executives on Monday, who will pay the debt? Will Deroju carry the debt with her as she hands over power, therefore making it a thing of "her against the creditors"? 
Will the Nifemi-led administration as a whole take it upon themselves, to pay the debt, after leaving office? Or will the newly elected executive members of the Union inherit the debt as part of the packages the Nifemi-led administration will be handing over to them on Monday? 

My question remains, WHO WILL PAY THE DEBT? 

© Olatunji Haleem

See comments via Screenshots

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