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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

EFIWE NEWS: There's Nothing New In The Speech I Gave Unless You Are Comfortable With The Bad State Of Student Welfare - UISU Pres. Ojo Aderemi @studentsunionui

Here's an Excerpt of the Press Release during the Press conference on the 17th of May 2017 as read by the Students' Union President, University of Ibadan - Com. Ojo Aderemi

We wish to ensure the student populace that the use of not only necessary but in perfect harmony with the law laid down by the management itself." - Ojo Aderemi

"There is nothing new in the speech I gave...unless you are comfortable with the bad state of students' welfare" - Ojo Aderemi

"During my inaugural address I did not state any new fact, I merely admonished a compliance with the dictates of the Student information Handbook (2015/2015) session which derives authority from the University of Ibadan Act 1962" - Ojo Aderemi

"For every sane mind, one thing is certain: the right to life is non-negotiable and is the most fundamental of Human rights, by the same token, access to food, without which the longevity of life cannot be guaranteed is equally fundamental. The question should therefore not be about whether or not students should be allowed to cook, but how they should go about this Essential activity"

"Let it also be known to all and sundry that till date, no bulletin, Correspondence or official publication of any sort whatsoever, duly signed by any member of the University management has been received or at least glimpsed, to this end, any publication purporting to originate from the University management without a reliable stamp of authority should be outrightly disregarded"

"To those who have been victimized in one way or the other friends cooking in the kitchenettes or for merely being in custody of electric cookers, rest assured that all machineries are in motion to exonerate you speedily and Union will leave no stone unturned towards the end."...

 "The union wishes to assure Uites that actions are in tip gear towards ensuring that all kitchenettes are restored to their full effectiveness for the use of students"

Credit: UCJUI

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