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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

EFIWE NEWS: Official Text Of Handing Over Speech By UISU Immediate Past President, Com. Ojo Oluwanifemi | READ! @studentsunionui


There comes a day in our lives when we have to end what seems like a lifetime to start and welcome a new beginning, today is definitely one of those days.

On 16th of June 2016, I promised that the Students` Union under my administration will partner with the management to move the University forward. We promised to have a balanced union {academically, socially & in sport}. I promised to protect the Students interest with all I have in the most rational way possible. We promised to carry out projects in the interests of the students of our university.

For me, it has been a very interesting time working with all segments of the Union to provide leadership to our Union. when I assumed office up to this moment, it has been a period of studentship-learning about the capacities, talents and dispositions of the Students' Union. It was also an opportunity to offer leadership in both peaceful times but also crisis period. In the course of offering leadership, we enjoyed the times, we also experienced frustrations and encountered a number of challenges that time will not permit me to recount here. In all I found the Students to be of immense faith in the future of their Union, a people with unquestionable commitment to equity, fairness and justice, all of which constitute basic ingredients of democracy. It is in the process of attaining these values or the pursuit of these principles that sometimes portray the qualities of a UI student as being uncompromising and intellectual. Whatever the experiences we had in the course of providing leadership for the last one year, the time has come for us to leave.

As written in the scriptures in the book of Ecclesiastes 3:1 “To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven.” There was time to assume office and now is time to handover

In the best of our abilities and capabilities, we did all we could do to keep these promises sacrosanct. We were constrained by a lot of factors but In all “We give Glory to God”.

During the cause of the administration, we carried out a lot of programmes and projects. I will like to mention few that are really important;

1. The Engr. Bello Table Tennis Competition.

2.  The Vice-Chancellor Half Marathon Race which was the best of all time.

3. Washing of Tanks in the Freshers' blocks of all female halls of residence, this we did in Partnership with Rotaract Club, University of Ibadan

4. Full integration of residence of Alexander Brown Hall into activities of the Union. We also played a novelty football match with ABH Executive Council where I scored a fantastic goal leading the Students' Union Executive Council to the Football game.

5. Reduction of Post Graduate school fees that was increased by 1/3  of the increment through diplomatic measures.

6. Renovation of the Students' Union Mini-Reading Room at the Students' Union Building

7. We constantly pressurized the Union Bank into improving the service of their ATM which made them decide to upgrade their ATM stand beside the Senate building, Opposite the administrative car park to have two dispensers.

8. Total Rebranding of the Students’ Union Bus “Premier Aluta 1" which had gone into oblivion for many years.

9. Donation of 25 waste disposal bins (drums) to the physical planning unit, University of Ibadan to kick-start the "Operation Keep UI clean project work"

10. We had plans to officially unveil a mini-reading room in SUB on the Set day of our Handing-over but due to the delay in getting approval, we couldn’t start the construction. We have concluded the main approval process last week so we should start construction this week “hopefully”. This project is being sponsored by a friend of the union - Engr. Femi Babalola (Jogor)

Last year, my predecessor prayed that may my road be rough quoting Tai Solarin and indeed the road was rough with series of ups and downs, So to the new administration, I say may you have a smooth sail through your administration.

 To Mr. President, never in history has any president won the way you defeated your opponents. You are indeed “the man of people”. Expectations are high on you. Don’t disappoint the generality of UI students who've given you their undaunted support and votes.

 We have put all things in motion to ensuring that you have a great administration. May God give you the wisdom you need. Need I tell you to pray for the direction of God at all times.

A big thank you to my team Cabinet members who ensured all these projects are put in place with their collective efforts, it was nice working with you.

To Mr. Speaker and members of Students’ Representative Council, 6th Assembly, University of Ibadan, I must say a big thank you for constantly putting the executive Council on toes to ensure all things are done in the right proceedings.

To everyone that worked hard for the success of this administration we say thank you and God bless you. To all of you that wanted us to fail at all cost, we celebrate you too.

To the ever ready and ever supportive hall chairpersons and faculty presidents, I say thank you.

The Project Workers, big ups to you guys

To my AGE 500Level classmates, thanks for the gallant support

To my friend, brother and number one Adviser - Don Daniel Nkemelu, you do well my nigga! We can rest now.

My Precious, thank you for keeping up with the excesses of my position as President and thanks for the prayers. I love you.

Thank You greatest Uites, for your support even in the midst of so many turbulent situations, unwavering challenges and trials. Yet we still emerged victorious.

Let me also, use this medium to wish Mr. Godsent Omonuah and My Executive Hall Mayor, Sultan Bello Hall - Damzy a quick and speedy recovery from their present health predicaments. I also pray that God should keep the life Babarinde Kehinde Olubukola - a fresh Graduate of University of Ibadan, a noble Bellite, my friend and a very strong and ardent supporter of the Project Work team. I wish you all good health in the shortest possible time.

Greatest Uites, I wish you all the Best.

Ojo Emmanuel Oluwanifemi
The Immediate Past President of the Students` Union, University of Ibadan
Convener, Team Project work 2015/2016 Session
The Grand Commander-in-Chief of All Aluta Forces (Unseen and Seen)

God bless our Union
God Bless University of Ibadan.

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