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Monday, 1 May 2017

EFIWE NEWS: Nigerian Jollof Is Better Than Ghanaian Jollof - VP Osibanjo Steps In To Settle Controversy @profosinbajo

We all know about the age-long beef about the superiority of Ghanaian Jollof and Nigerian Jollof, and the how Nigeria's Minister for Information, Lai Mohammed goofed last weekend, when asked by CNN's Richard about the African country that makes the best Jollof rice.

Nigeria's Vice President Yem Osinbajo today weighed in on the forever lingering battle of which Jollof Rice in the continent is the best.
Here's what he said; -

"Nobody is as funny as Nigerians and Nigerian comedians whether professionals or amateurs. We even have a member of the National Assembly who recently launched a CD, Ajeku Iyani oje, who has heard of Aye ku Iyani oje. and we are the most innovative entrepreneurs.

Recently someone showed me a text sent by a young man to invite him to a book launch with the title, Seven Steps to becoming a professional Whistle Blower. And we all know that Nigerian Jollof rice is the best. We beat the Ghanaians and Senegalese hands down."

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