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Friday, 5 May 2017

EFIWE INTERVIEW: EPOCH Is Not A Mere English Word To Me, I Want To Leave A Legacy. - LSS Presidential Aspirant, Tofunmi

Ahead of LSS Elections 2017, Unibadan Efiwe meet with Miss Akande Tofunmi, an aspirant vying for the post of President, Law Students' Society, University of Ibadan.

Tofunmi talks about her ambitions, role played when She was a Honourable of Law Students Representative Council and many more in New Interview. Read Below;

Can We Meet You?

My name is Akande Tofunmi Chinoso, a 400level Law Student of the Prestigious Faculty of Law and an aspirant for the post of Law Students' Society President.

Any previous post held before?

Yes, I was once an Honourable of the Law Students Representative Council(L.S.R.C) then I became the Chief Whip of the L.S.R.C and the Welfare Secretary of the Prestigious Augustine Nnamanni Chambers.

Why Law Students Society President?

Because its the society that has had the most direct impact in My life in UI.

In terms of who I am today, what I hope to become and I want to repay this gesture.

 Also, I have been in the Faculty of Law for about 3 years and witnessed different administrations, their strength and also listened to the criticisms. 

I therefore want to  take the standard of LSS to another level having taken note of the criticisms and supersede the history in L.S.S  by giving my best.

What are your ambitions if you emerge as LSS President?

My primary ambition if I emerge as LSS President is to leave Landmarks/Legacy.

One of the landmark is to create a more friendly library for members of LSS.

 Secondly, I believe LSS can have an Alumni reunion where we all can rub minds with our seniors, I intend to inaugurate an Alumni Association for this purpose. Furthermore, I believe we( LSS) can take our quest for health to the next level by including into our week a health day - clean and healthy looking toilets for us all.

This is just a little out of the many plans I have for our LSS".  Let's make this happen.

How do you plan to take the standard of LSS to another level?

By staying true and committed  to my manifesto and also ensuring a 101% fulfilment of all my plans.

How do you intend to achieve all the ambitions within a short period?

I already have a mental Framework about what I want to do and how I hope to achieve them. 

I intend to hit the ground running right from the moment am sworn in and with the unflinching support of LSS, our Elders, teachers, alumni and above all God, I will not disappoint.

What are the flaws of the current LSS President?

I dont like to look at people's flaws unless I know in entirety all the circumstances surrounding it... And you know thats not possible. I will rather look at their strengths and think of ways to improve upon their achievement.

How would you rate LSS in terms of Academics and Social Activities?

Well to me, I think that question is subjective in the sense that some people are more akin to socials than academics and vise versa and of course that will affect the rating. 

But its important to Note that a lot of improvement is required on both fronts and the need to strike a Healthy balance cannot be overemphasized.

Come May 10th, Do you think you'll win at the polls? If yes why? And if you lose, are you ready to share your ideas with the eventual winner?

I strongly have faith in God that I'll win.
If I lose? Well, man proposes God disposes. 

I believe we are all working towards the betterment of the law student society, sharing ideas will be a good thing to me.

Describe yourself in five words?

Competent, Innovative,  Creative, Motivated and Passionate.

What role have you played so far as Honourable member of the L.S.R.C (stewardship report)?

To make sure my constituency was represented in any decision making and make sure my constituency's voice was heard.

Why are you better than your opponents?

Because I am Me, unique and special.

What are the Constitutional Duties of a LSS President?

According to S18 of the Constitution of the Law Students' Society, University of Ibadan as amended,  the constitutional duties of the President is to summon executive council meetings when necessary from time to time, and preside over such meetings and Congress meetings and coordinate all the society's activities, to ensure the financial secretary makes available financial statements to the LSRC or Audit Committee, to be the Chief spokesman of LSS, to be one of the signatories to all the financial transactions of the Society, to submit a detailed proposed budget for the LSRC to approve and to be responsible for all other duties,  not inconsistent with the duties of others officers.

Define Cooperation?

Cooperation is the act of working in tandem for a common purpose or benefit.

If you could be a superhero and have any power, what would that be and why?

My super power would be immortality. If I could live forever, I could use my “whole” life to help others during natural disasters, since I would not be afraid of losing my life.

 I could also give all my money to those in need, because I would never have to buy new clothes or accessories. I would also make a great history professor, as I would know the whole of human history, since I have lived through all historical events.

If We may ask, Why EPOCH?

Epoch is not just a mere English word to me but an ideology, a mindset. I want to leave a legacy and history in LSS that would be noteworthy and remarkable.

If you are given the mandate, What do you want to be remembered for when you leave the post of LSS President?

If I were to be given the mandate, I would like to be remembered for one that rebranded excellence, shew forth a legacy that was remarkable and noteworthy.  

I would like to be remembered as a leader who took the standard of LSS to another level, superseded the history in LSS and give her best.

Where do you see yourself in the next 2-3 years?

I do not have a specific position in mind, but my goal over the next 2-3 years is to be in one where I can make a difference, continuing in good works of charity and passion to make grassroots lives better for less privileged and all.

Your partisan shot/Shoutout?

Hi everyone,  this shout out goes to all my fans, my supporters, my admirers. Thanks soo much for your support, your ideas, your prayers and everything.  I love you all. Vote Tofunmi, Vote Team Epoch come May 10th. God Bless you all.

Thank you for reading this Interview, kindly share with your colleagues. Sharing is Caring.

Also feel free to post this Interview on your prestigious platforms. If posted, give credit to Unibadan Efiwe. Thanks.

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