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Monday, 29 May 2017

EFIWE GOSSIP: Students Fire Shots At Whatsapp Group Member Who Said "The Protest Was Useless And Those Who Participated In It Are Idiots"

Following the peaceful protest held earlier this morning at University of Ibadan, which led to the closure of the University until July 17, Students fire shots at a Whatsapp group member who said the protest was useless and those who participated in the protest are idiots.

The group member wrote;

All those involved in this useless protest are idiot including the student union
Yea, you guys have gotten what you have always wished for.

Without wasting time, one of the group participant replied;

And if they ask all learned person to raise their hands u would o.

Another group member said;

You reek of stupidity it's so appalling that you're a student of this institution..

I'm blame you tho. Use the break to learn how to utilize your brain. Learn when to speak up And understand issues before typing rubbish

Now that you've gotten the  5mins of fame you're so desperate for utilize it well.  Ignorant Thing.

Also,  UIVC, Prof. Idowu Olayinka, while addressing the issue on the University radio, Diamond FM said;

On behalf of the Senate, I hereby declare all Undergraduate Students to vacate the halls of residence latest 6pm, while Postgraduate Students can continue with their lectures.

Speaking to the UISU President, Ojo Aderemi concerning Students vacating the Halls of residence, He said;

The congress is more powerful than any organisation. The Congress made a decision and we have to follow the decision.

We cannot outrightly declare against the Chief Security Officer of the University, We respect him but we are going to dialogue and extend every medium available to make sure Students stay on Campus.

The VC is a Father and Students cannot just move like that. The Students' Union is meant to protect the rights and interest of the Students."

Another congress is going to hold later this evening by 5pm at the SUB Foyer.

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