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Thursday, 11 May 2017

EFIWE GISTS: UI Theatre Arts Students Initiation Ceremony 2017 ; Day 1 | SEE PHOTOS!

Day 1, Saturday was all about INITIATION CARNIVAL. As part of the INITIATION CARNIVAL, initiates-to-be were all clad in white wrapper tied firmly around their chest area. Colorful event it was. 

The initiation carnival was god-themed. Thespians(Theatre Arts Students) were clad in various costumes representing the various attributes and colors associated with each of the gods.

In no particular order, the gods and goddesses have been designated to perform at the various halls of residence.

Orunmila, the God of Wisdom, was the first to perform within the premises of Queen Elizabeth II Hall. He was clad in white Buba and Sokoto with his hair and beard dyed white and a shawl over his shoulder. His hands weren’t jobless either. His right hand holding firmly to the horse whip.

The next stop was at the Kenneth Mellanby Hall. There was what seemed like a sacred entry with two Thespians, clad in Eyo costume holding long batons above their head to form a sort of Gateway for people to walk in with their backs.

Oya, goddess of winds, lightning and violent storms, death and rebirth was the next to perform within the premises of Kenneth Mellanby Hall.

Osun, goddess of Beauty, love, prosperity and order.
Sango, God of thunder

Ogun, God of War and Iron
Yemoja, goddess of the waters
Aje, goddess of wealth
Esu, African deity of crossroads, trickster, messenger between human kind and deities

Thespians, followers of Thespis
Initiates, soon to be Thespians

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