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Sunday, 2 April 2017

EFIWE NEWS: Youths Block Roads In Ile - Ife To Protest Over Killing Of Their Mates By SARS Officers

According to reports from Lukmon Fasasi Blog @lukmonfasasi, Youths block road in Ile-Ife to protest killing of their mates by SARS officers.we

Few hours after He posted on Facebook, wishing his family and friends Happy New Month, Facebook User, Basiru Olalekan was shot dead in Ile-Ife by SARS Officers over "Yahoo" Allegations.

IG User, @lion_of_judah234 announced the sad news via his page. He said: "2guy killed including this guy's about some minute ago by SARS in Ile-Ife. Save us youth. What is Yahoo sef?"

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