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Sunday, 9 April 2017

EFIWE NEWS: SRC University Of Ibadan Recommends Scrapping Of Stickers, Posters, Jingles, T-Shirt And Decentralization Of SU Manifesto Night @kingbiodun_ @studentsunionui

By Alao Abiodun

The Students' Representative Council, 6th Assembly University of Ibadan under the Leadership of Rt. Hon Onifade Bello Abdurrahman at the plenary session held on Saturday 8th of April 2017 after intense arguments, unanimously agreed on some recommendations made at floor of the house which is to be forwarded later to the Electoral Commission for approval or not.

Hon. Akuma from the Great Nnamdi Azikwe Hall who moved the motion for the recommendations which is to be forwarded to the Electoral Commission stressed out the need to checkmate the extravagant spending of political aspirants, furthermore in his analysis, he made 3 cogent recommendations which are as follows;

ban of Stickers, posters, jingles, T-shirts, Ban on the use of Drums during manifesto night, Decentralization of Manifesto Night to various halls of residence, in a bid to strengthen the recommendations further, Hon. Iyanu, Deputy-Speaker, from Queen Idia Hall constituency emphatically stated that there's need to strike out the idea of Endorsement trend done in various halls of residence, she said the electorate should be allowed to decide who to vote for rather than stakeholders ruling over with their decisions.

 Hon. Orimidara Awonusi refuted the idea of scrapping of Endorsement as it's done in various halls of residence, he said even in the mainstream politics, there's room for endorsement just like what political parties do too.

Hon. Segun in his own remarks stated that the electorate are interested in the ideas of the aspirants and not the flaunting of money many of them do, he advocated for the idea of Decentralization of the manifesto night which is to be done in various halls of residence so that individuals can hear what the aspirants has to say about their plans for the union since we are all clamouring for a intellectual Unionism.

In the arguments put forth by most of the Honourables, they stressed out need for aspirants to showcase their intellectual property, rather than tow the line of politics of noise making like it has always been witnessed in previous manifesto nights conducted.

The Speaker, Rt. Hon Onifade Bello in his own reaction said there's need for the Honourables to sensitize their Constituency members as regards a mass-based Union and a vibrant Union, He said the banning of the stickers and posters was already an existing rule because the aspirants are defacing the walls of the University with their posters, He also stressed further that use of jingles and all sort of noise making leads to noise pollution.

Hon. Akuma from Zik Hall constituency moved the motion for the recommendations to be forwarded to the Electoral Commission and it was seconded by Hon. Ponmile.

©NUESA PRESS Organization 2017

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