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Sunday, 23 April 2017

EFIWE NEWS: Resolutions Of The Students' Union Congress Held On Saturday 22nd April, 2017

The Congress, the highest decision-making body of the Students’ Union, University of Ibadan, upon collective deliberations adopted the following resolutions at her meeting held at the SUB Foyer on Saturday 22nd April, 2017.

The Congress resolved thus:-

▶ That the University Management be given *3 days ultimatum* to make an _Official Release_ on reasons and causes of the delay on the production and distribution of ID Cards; starting from Monday 24th April, 2017.

▶ That the ID Cards must be produced and be readily available for distribution on or before two weeks to the forthcoming general examinations. That some members staff of the University have even doubted and rejected the poorly produced ID Cards given to some students last session; therefore, the ID Cards to be produced must be of *good quality*.

▶ That since the ID Cards to be produced will serve students throughout their stay on campus, there should be an amendment to the provision in *_page 20 of the Students Information Handbook_* stating the timeline for validity of ID Cards and on no account should any more fees be allocated for that purpose in subsequent years of students' stay on campus.

▶ That the Congress rejects the humiliation meted out to the Union by sending the President of the Students’ Union out of the Central Student Disciplinary Committee meeting on the basis of a query that was given to him. The Congress however sees the resolution of the meeting of the SDC as anti-students as the number one defender of the student was not part of the meeting.

▶ That the University Management be given the ultimatum of *3 days ultimatum* to release the *_Letters of Verdicts_* of all affected students; starting from Monday 24th April, 2017. That if the verdicts are not released at the expiration of the ultimatum, the Students' Union should approach a Court of competent jurisdiction to request *_Mandamus Injunction_* for the release of the verdicts. Also, that pending the time that the appeal will be written and the case reviewed by The Governing Council of the University, status quo should remain i.e. the studentship of the students remain upheld.

▶ That the University Management make an *Official Release* on reasons why there has not been adequate water supply in some halls of residence, Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall and Obafemi Awolowo Hall to be precise and also produce an *Official Release* on the practical solution to this unbearable problem within 3 days starting from Monday 24th April 2017. That if 3 days elapse and no Official Release to this effect, the Management be given another *7 days ultimatum* starting from Wednesday to rectify the problem; at the expiration of which if nothing is done, the Students of the University will have to use other radical measures to press for their demands.

▶ That the Students' Union provides for students on the issues regarding transportation in the University. That the Student's Union Transport Committee should produce the price list on transportation and circulate it to students in all halls of residence.

▶ That the University Management should quickly repair the Mellanby–Tedder road; as this has been impeding vehicular movements for those navigating the road.

▶ That the Executives see to the implementation of these resolutions; failure of which shall lead to disciplinary actions against them.

▶ That on the review of the Students’ Union Constitution, the SRC be made to co-opt the Foreign and Physically challenged students by writing to their respective associations, while the Executives co-opt others. That the observations and changes made to the review process by the Congress be noted and effected by the Constitution Review Committee of the SRC.

▶ That any violation to any of these resolutions of the Congress will lead to drastic and radical actions by the students of the University as agreed by the Congress.


Kadri Babarinde Kadri
Assistant General Secretary, UISU
Secretary of The Congress

Onifade Bello Abdurrahman
Speaker, SRC UISU
Moderator of The Congress

Ojo Emmanuel Oluwanifemi
President, UISU
Chairman of The Congress

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