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Saturday, 22 April 2017

EFIWE NEWS: Ojo Aderemi, Igbonekwu Valentinus, Com.Ayo Hamzat, Ogeleyinbo Bodunrin Go Head To Head At UISU Presidential Debate 2017 | READ Report!

By - Olatunji Haleem & Alao Abiodun

It was indeed a wonderful, mind-blowing, intense, epic and interesting debate session for the Presidential aspirants ahead of the Upcoming 2017 students` Union Election on 22nd of April 2017, The participants (Presidential aspirants) at the debate session were as follows Ojo Aderemi, Igbonekwu Valentinus, Com. Ayodeji Hamzat, Ogeleyinbo Bodunrin Joseph and Ms. Olamide Akanni.

The seasoned panelists comprising of Kunle Adebajo, Kanyinsola Olorunnisola, Iyinoluwa, Damilola quizzed and drilled the aspirants of their plans and programmes they do intend to actualize if elected into office.

It was really a very engaging debate session as observers listened to the plans of the aspirants with rapt attention despite the large numbers that filled up the auditorium.

The Pressmen and observers were also given the opportunity to forward their questions for the aspirants to also answer.

 Incase you did miss the debate, here's the excerpts of the 2017 UISU Presidential debate;

1.  UCJUI is nonpartisan. UCJUI has no candidate. UCJUI is free from all political affiliation. Femi Adesope corrects the wrong claims leveled against the Union. - Presidential Debate Committee Member

2. You can make positive impact irrespective of your course of study, OBJ's Philosophy about Life - Ogeleyinbo Bodunrin Joseph

3. Ojo says 'The bad guys' are those Panels who sits to truncate the life of a student.

4. "When i graduate, i will post my result of Facebook. I cannot leave this school without a 2:1", Ojo Aderemi said while responding to questions on how he well he can run the Union, with his CGPA which is at the boundary.

5. We lost the #FreeMote struggle because the Union was not strong enough - Valentinus

6. I would have loved to run on a plain platform (without endorsement) - Ojo Aderemi

7. We will work with NANS, Implementation of welfare Board, Advancing the interests of persons with special needs, Security on campus, Timely congress, Responding to National and International issues. - Ojo Aderemi stating out his plans.

8. Mr. Hamzat (Comrade) goes against Ojo (Aderemi) in a debate on the topic: Panacea to students victimization: mediation or radicalism?

9. Ojo Aderemi said:
Radicalism is inevitable as Students Unionism is concerned in Nigeria.

10. Valentinus Val said:
"Inexperience is the mother of passion."

11. OBJ was challenged on the feasibility of his plan on students getting room before the end of a previous session.

12. OBJ responded that since the University of Ibadan admits before the end of the session, they already know how many students to expect and the number of rooms available, which makes it easier.

13. I entered UI as a Diploma student in 2013 - Ojo Aderemi
I do have experience because i am in 200 level, but i have done more than expected - Ojo Aderemi

14. OBJ says he intends to organize tutorials for fresh students, because they offer similar courses and they are also new to the system.

15. OBJ said he has commenced mentorship programmes for some students already. He furthermore said best students in different faculties will be used to achieve this end

16. OBJ states his plans:
He intends to advocate the rights of the students.
He said he plans to seek support of other tertiary institutions.
Improvement in learning condition
Seeking for proper funding from Federal government.
Tutorial and mentorship programme for freshmen
Increased access to KDL

Presence of security lights in Awo-tech road and other strategic areas

Allocation of rooms to students before the end of a previous session.

He said that he will propose that the school management intensify on the state of Wifi in the Hall.

17. Ogeleyinbo Bodunrin Joseph Obj said: "I was able to pass my MB exam even as the Vice Chairman of Kenneth Mellanby Hall due to the passion i have to serve."

18. Ogeleyinbo Bodunrin Joseph Obj goes against Valentinus Val based on the topic: "Passion versus experience; the ultimate factor of leadership.

19. Hamzat Abass Ayodeji said: Capital punishment is not the solution when students have done something wrong, they should always tamper justice with mercy.

20. Valentine says Professor Olatunbosun, Dean of Faculty of Law, will always support the SU through legal means.

21. Instead of wasting money on the SU week, we can build certain structures which will be beneficial to the Union - Comrade

22. Valentinus says that suspending the incumbent SU President from the recent SDC sitting which saw the rustication of some students is one of the several "unjust laws" in this institution.

23. Valentinus outlines his plans:
A depth of advocacy by seeking the aid of legal experts
A fight against victimization
Enhacing academic performance
Promoting the welfare of students on campus

24. Comrade outlines his plans;
Solidarizing with Uites
Helping diligents students with an amount less than a million naira is not too much, since we spend up to that on just a SU week
Accountability in the monies paid on sports and prospectus

25. He added that people promised in the past, they failed. "My administration will never be like that", he said.

Source: UCJUI

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