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Friday, 28 April 2017

EFIWE NEWS: MFMPG UI Bus Hit UISU'17 House Secretary Aspirant, Godsent | So SAD!

MFMPG UI Bus just hit Godsent vying for the post of house secretary alongside the mayor of sultan bello on their way to Awo for campaign due to brake failure.

The Victims have been rushed to UCH and the Driver who drove the bus is nowhere to be found.

According to an eye witness, He said;

"3 victims of the unfortunate incident.. Bello Hall mayor; Damzy, Godsent and one other unidentified guy." "Yes, he got hit so hard by the bus. Because he went down and was unconscious.

But Godsent was still breathing, but was bleeding so bad.

The unidentified 3rd guy was inside the Bush struggling for breath."

Another eye witness said;

 "Ehn in my very presence i have seen that very bus crashed into another car as a result of reckless driving, into one of the big flower pots at trenchard, so am not speaking without a basis..... All though as u have said that is not the point for this night"

Few minutes ago, UISU'17 PRO Aspirant, Rational said;

"As reported, Damzy went unconscious immediately. And Godsent lost a lot of blood."

"I tried putting a call to the hall information minister but he's not in the mood to say anything. Let's just hope everything gets better"

UE prays for them and We are also using this medium to wish Damzy, Godsent and Crusher a quick recovery.

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