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Friday, 7 April 2017

EFIWE NEWS: Independence Hall Was Not Given A Whopping Sum Of Money By Any UISU Presidential Aspirant, It's A Lie From The Pit Of Hell - Indy Hall Excos


"Lies are like wildfire,only the truth can quench it"-Chinese proverb.

Our attention has been drawn to an odious rumour gaining grounds in the UI political landscape that the executives of the Great Independence Hall have been given a whopping sum of money by a certain UI SU presidential aspirant.We want to state categorically without any form of equivocation that the rumour is a big lie from the endless pit of hell.

The executives nor any resident of the hall didn't collect a dime from anyone and have not endorsed any SU presidential aspirant.As a matter of urgency and expediency,we equally challenge anyone with proof to come out openly and prove us otherwise.
It is instructive to note that Indy hall is populated by men of integrity and impeccable character who will never soil their name in pettiness all in the name of a fleeting commodity like money.

Our hall is already on a revitalization course and we will not allow jobless entities who have been paid by unsavoury elements to derail us from this path.
Katanga republic continues to stand tall among other halls of residence in all ramifications and will not allow any stain to tarnish the  hard-earned image achieved by our esteemed fore-runners.

We want to enjoin the general public to pay no attention to the rumour as it is a calculated attempt by enemies of the hall who have lost relevance in politics and are not in tune with political realities to drag the name of the hall into disrepute.

The victory of katangites vying for posts in the student union is not negotiable.The general welfare of katangites remains paramount in the priority list of the current Executive Council of the hall.

The rumour is nothing but a lie.



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