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Friday, 28 April 2017

EFIWE NEWS: Facebook User, Docshed Di Shed Is Not A Member Of Our Team - Media And Strategic Planning Committee, Patriotic Intelligentsia Team

In a press statement released few minutes ago, Media And Strategic Planning Committee, Patriotic Intelligentsia Team hereby announce to the general public that Facebook User, Docshed Di Shed isn't a member of UISU'17 Presidential Aspirant, Ojo Aderemi's team. Read Press Release Below;


Our attention has been drawn to an inglorious publication by a faceless and unidentifiable individual parading himself as a member of the Patriotic Intelligentsia; the campaign movement of Ojo Aderemi.

Among other things, this fellow has been attributing very ironical and derogatory statements to Ojo Aderemi; while feigning support for him. It is just ironical that an individual claims to be a member of Ojo Aderemi's team and yet make statements that are unintelligent, unapproved by the team and do not align with our ideologies. The individual uses the Facebook username Docshed Di Shed, WhatsApp number +2348060940278 and WhatsApp name *I'm for Ojo from Ojo. We strongly advise our gallant supporters and the generality of Uites to dismiss such messages.

We wish to categorically denounce such individual and his publications together with whatever intentions may come with it. We dissociate ourselves from any politics of hate and  desperation, and affirm that ours is a campaign of respect and honour for our fellow contestants. This election will come and go, and what will matter in the end is the patriotism which we all hold for our Union.

Please note that whatever publication purportedly from our Team, but not released /posted by any member of our Campaign Movement is false and should be dismissed.

Vote , not foil!

Ojo Aderemi for UI SU Presidency 2017.

For any correspondence, please call/text or WhatsApp : 08100694700

Media and Strategic Planning Committee,
Patriotic Intelligentsia Team

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