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Sunday, 23 April 2017

EFIWE MUSIC: Ojo Aderemi's "Patroitic Intelligentsia" Campaign Jingle Leaked | Grab Your Headset And LISTEN!

As Students of the University of Ibadan decide who would be the next Students' Union President come April 29th, Unibadan Efiwe stormed across a proposed Campaign "Jingle" made for One of UISU'17 Presidential Candidate, Ojo Aderemi by the "Patriotic Intelligentsia" Team.

Based on Logistics, this "Patriotic Intelligentsia" Jingle is one of the hottest Jingles ever produced within the University campus because of its tune and style...that why UE had to Leak It online!

Anyway, Get your headsets on, Download and Listen!


Come 29th, Vote Wisely, Vote "Patriotic Intelligentsia" Vote "Ojo Aderemi" for UISU'17 Presidential Election.

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